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The Pants Party: Purdue Game Conversation and Northwestern Rumination

Ben and I sure had different weekends!

NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Ben & I chat about our weekends. Ben went to an aquarium (and Pebble Beach) while I went to the Iowa City fishbowl.

As someone who didn’t watch a lick of football this weekend, Ben had questions and I had answers. At least I think they were answers. I was displeased with what I saw on Saturday and told him the tribulations of my time at Kinnick. I was surly. I apologize for that.

The conversation turned to the upcoming game against Northwestern which Ben is also unlikely to see. Life sounds quaint without Hawkeye sports. Maybe I can quit them some day.

To make us both feel better, we discuss Scott Frost putting the “ass” in Nebraska football.

Listen below or on your favorite podcast vehicle.

Happy Tuesday!

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