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Iowa Hawkeyes 26, Purdue Boildermakers 20: Touchdowns are Fun!

We won at least!

NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Just a friendly reminder, I write all of this in real time and I don’t edit before posting because editing is for Monday’s and there’s beers to drink. Basically, I want you to read this as a running diary of the game. All (over) reactions must be accepted and forgiven as I am just an optimistic fan boy that gets to write for a blog. Thank you.

Pregame & 1st Quarter

My wife’s car broke down a few blocks away from our house. I had to tend to that matter from a convenient 12:03 to 12:36. But, because I don’t ever want to deprive you all with fire content, allow me to provide you with the play by play from the SpoCo Radio text thread:

Champ: Do you guys thing Beth Mowins has a second home in Iowa City?

(we all sent him the HAHA response text)

Champ: Brandon just beat the hell out of that corner off the line... A FG what’s new?!

DC: Need an OC who doesn’t call red zone plays with a clenched asshole.

Z: Never went to the homecoming parade.

DC: Jack Koerner looks like he concussed himself there.

Z: At least a stinger. Keep pressuring and this guy will throw a couple up for grabs.

Champ: Oh yeah! Finally a punt not to the 3 yard line.

Z: Lydia (his lovely wife) - “I can’t remember them returning a punt all year”

Champ: Well she’s right.

DC: ISM is so good

Champ: Oh baby!! God damn that was sexual. Couldn’t have placed it better.

Champ: And then jack shit. Nice throw Nate. At least we have a great kicker.

Sounds like we’ve picked right back up where we left off.

Everybody wave.

2nd Quarter

Purdue turns the ball over in the redzone and it looks like the ol’ home team just needed me to get home and hunker down. And then Brian elects to send Toren Young out wide and give Brady Ross the FB dive on 3rd-and-short. We lose a yard. My little sister who knows more about llamas than football knew what was going to happen on that play. Should I be drinking already?

On Purdue’s next drive, Iowa’s defense puts Purdue in a precarious 3rd-and-21 after a ginormous first career sack by John Waggoner. Purdue gets a few yards on a quick screen and are punting from their own endzone and Max Cooper calls for the fair catch around mid-field. Scoring a touchdown would be amazing here.

On first down, Stanley see’s ghosts and looses all composure before getting sacked. Outside zone on second down (drink) maybe gets a yard and Stanley has to bail BF out with a spectacular fast ball to Brandon Smith for first down. Eventually on 3rd-and-3, everybody’s favorite Ferentz draws up a bubble screen to Gary Bertier’s side of the field and it goes for a loss.

9-0, Iowa solely runs on Duncan.

Here’s a fun stat, Purdue has allowed just 3 touchdowns in the last 8-quarters. It helps that two of those are against Iowa. Jack Plummer, of course, decides to go bananas before the half going 4-for-4 to push Purdue to the Iowa 20. This is totally going to be 9-7 at half and Purdue will get the ball immediately back, huh?


9-7, Plummer and David Bell are our keepers now.

3rd Quarter

David Bell is the Jerry Rice of Purdue football. Through three minutes in the third quarter, he has nine catches for 114-yards and a touchdown. Thankfully, Plummer sees Riley Moss sub in for Matt Hankins and immediately gets picked off. Iowa defense coming up large yet again.

Nate, not to be outdone by Purdue starts off 4-for-4 and gets Iowa down to the Purdue 22-yard line. After his first incompletion, he hits Tyrone Tracy who makes a diving catch just short of the endzone. Iowa in jumbo jumbo (of course), Goodson rushes for no gain on first down, Nate bootlegs on a fake FB dive and he’s short on second down and finally GOODSON Wegher Bombs his way into the endzone for his first touchdown of his career. Nine plays for 72-yards and the score.

Thanks Purdue! Thanks Riley!

16-7, Tyler Goodson is becoming the real deal.

Purdue goes three-and-out and I wouldn’t be shocked if Jack Plummer throws one or two more up for grabs by the end of this game. He just got rocked on two of those three downs and he got up a little gimpy. Geno Stone gets a shot at punt returning and actually brings it up and into Purdue territory. This is the guy that should’ve been back there all along IMO.

And Iowa does absolutely nothing with the field position after not accounting for a free rusher that forces Nate to throw it away on 3rd-and-6. Punt... on the Purdue 47-yard line. Riley Moss nearly picks off Plummer again and Purdue is forced to punt. Iowa eventually gets the ball deep into Purdue territory after a beautiful Nate Stanley bomb on the run to Brandon Smith. And of course the offense stalls out shortly after that probably because Brian like to go horizontal for three straight drives after find success vertically.

Iowa faces 4th-and-four going into the 4th.

4th Quarter

Field goal.

19-7 and Duncan is absolutely perfect.

Purdue punts, Nate tries forcing a pass at a million miles per hour to Goodson and it goes through his hands and is picked off. Purdue 1st-and-goal. Defense holds, AGAIN.

19-10, I’m learning nothing from this game. Shell offense coming for sure.

Iowa punts, Purdue punts, Kallenberger pancakes, Brandon Smith gets rolled up on and get carried off the field, Iowa punt (after the most egregious false start call of all time), Purdue hits a long bomb to David Bell (of course) and AJE gets called for roughing and just like that Purdue is at the Iowa 19-yard line and hit a field goal.

19-13, with three minutes left in this game. Purdue has all three timeouts. What is happening?

Brohm elects to kick an onsider and are so unsuccessful trying to recover, they give Iowa extra yardage on a late hit. Mekhi Sargent scampers for 21-yards on the opening run and then another 14-yards for a touchdown. Multiple touchdowns scored on the ground! I’m stunned!

26-13, smell ya later Purdue!

Purdue of course scores one last time to make this seems way closer than it ever was to make the final score 26-20. Wisconsin might lose to Illinois..... this is shaping up to be a banner day.

And for the first time in way too many weeks, play the polka!