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SpoCo Radio Episode 20: Inhale, Vent, Inhale, Win Out

We vent, we whine, we complain, we look at the schedule and decide we’re still winning the Big Ten West

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Penn State at Iowa Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier today, before we recorded I sent out a tweet that seemed to get some attention around Hawkeye land:

What I took from that is there are a lot of you that are torn. Your torn with how to handle your feelings towards the Iowa Hawkeyes football program, Kirk Ferentz and all the great that comes along with the not so great, his son the OC, and the realization that 8-wins is sometimes good enough and sometimes not good at all.

We all have our moments of reckoning and that’s ok. Hell, it’s even cathartic. Most of us don’t have the unique ability to walk through life like a bunch of Eeyore’s waiting for the world to end. There is meaning to each and every game and we (un)fortunately build ourselves all the way up before each and every kick off. Sometimes we get that amazing high that comes with being right. But more often (especially with Iowa), we build ourselves all the way up only to fall down and knick our elbows and knees along the way.

We’re human after all.


That’s why we love this sport. We ride the high of highs and take to our text chains and emails and comment threads and Twitters and Facebook feed to complain about the lows. Sharing your misery with like minded people is always better than wallowing alone.

And if I’m being completely honest with you all, that’s exactly what Episode 20 of the SpoCo Radio podcast is for the three of us. It is our vent session. It is a free flowing conversation about Iowa Football that provides way fewer answers than questions. But sometimes it just feels good to ask your friends the things that keep you up at night in hopes of gathering their perspective that might enlighten yours.

Do we get low? We sure do. Do we point fingers? Duh. But do we end up figuring it out in the end? You’re god damn right. Because if you think for one second that we all don’t have the ability to bitch and whine for six straight days and turn all of that into extreme positivity the moment things start to go right again for Iowa, well, you just haven’t been paying attention.


Each and every one of you loves Iowa so much that you take to all of the mediums available to talk about them, to read about them, to listen to people talk about them. We’re in this together through the extremely good and the eight win season meh’s.

So, in the mean time, give each other a break. We all are frustrated over the same thing. Our favorite team has found new ways to suck for two weeks in a row and some might think that’s the head coaches fault (maybe me and DC), some might think it’s his son’s (Champ, maybe me and DC). Some might think it’s the players, or the injuries (DC) or the line coach (Champ and me) or unrealistic fan expectation, or the media for not holding coaches feet to the fire.

But at the end of the day, none of this has been fun for any of us. So, for the next two days, join us as we navigate the pain before slapping on that bandaid to stop the bleeding before Iowa takes the field against Purdue and starts the journey to win out.

Still a little pissed off and need an outlet to vent on? Call us on our voicemail line at 224-661-0909. We will put all of those voicemails along with your Penn State ones on next weeks show.

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All the X’s and O’s.


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