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Iowa Football: A.J.’s Annihilations; Rinse and Repeat, Defense Solid, Offense Offensive

Defensive strength not enough to offset the offense in an uninspiring loss to Penn State.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Penn State at Iowa
Sean Clifford (14) should probably throw the ball away soon lest he get squashed by A.J. Epenesa (94).
Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Hawkeyes lost for the second time in a row as they fell to 4-2 after losing to Penn State 17-12 at home on Saturday night. A.J. Epenesa picked up his third sack of the season, just one of his seven tackles and three quarterback hurries. The defense once again did more than their share of the heavy lifting but the offense couldn’t hold up their end.

Not a lot of favorable feedback on the science lessons but I’m no quitter so I’ll try one more time.

What in the world could have caused this beautiful chart?
Weikang Lin, Katherine J. Mack, and Liqiang Hou

I was sucked in by the weird and beautiful graph, but the main idea is that no one can really tell if the universe is growing or shrinking and at what rate.

Game Notes:

The defense was solid and Epenesa was a big part of that solidness. He excelled at shedding blockers and making tackles.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Penn State at Iowa
Epenesa takes down Penn State running back Ricky Slade.
Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Below, Epenesa gets his only sack of the game as he powers past the left tackle and gets the quarterback as he steps up into the pocket.

Next, Epenesa sets up the tackle to the outside then releases to get the running back up the middle.

Finally, Epenesa follows the runner down the line to make the tackle.

2018 Annihilations: 10.5

2019 Annihilations: 3

This Week Last Year: Iowa 23, Maryland 0

Epenesa had three tackles and a sack in a shutout at home against Maryland.

Up Next: Purdue

This is a must win for Iowa if they have any hope of making noise in the conference and making a decent bowl game. Unfortunately after the back-to-back losses against bigger name teams, many fans are writing this off as a loss. Without Rondale Moore, Iowa should be able to control the Purdue offense and the Purdue defense is not in the same league as Michigan or Penn State. Watch for a great day from the Hawkeyes.