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FanPulse Week 7: ‘Our Pets’ Heads Are Falling Off’

No offense. No wins. No more national respect.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

A lot can change in just two weeks of football. I set off to Italy for 9 days with an undefeated Iowa Hawkeyes squad and come home to no wins, no offense, and a team no longer in the Top 25 in the FanPulse rankings (like the title suggests, our pets’ heads are falling off).

The Hawkeyes’ stumble was Minnesota’s gain this week as they sprung all the way to 15th in this week’s poll. Below are the full results after Week 7.

LSU also jumped to number 2 in the poll while Clemson and Ohio St slid down to make room. Georgia’s loss to South Carolina wasn’t enough to kick them out of the top 10.

This week’s additional question in the poll was about the Heisman Trophy. Joe Burrow was the pick among the voters as to who will win the Heisman Trophy right now. He led the way with 35% of the vote while the Big Ten reps, Jonathan Taylor and Justin Fields, were 3rd and 5th respectively in the results. Jonathan Taylor should get more love Nationally and it’s a real shame he doesn’t.

You’ll notice Iowa fell completely out of the Top 25 which seems a little overreactive considering the last two losses were to two Top 25 teams and one of the best defenses in all of College Football but it also seems right considering what the Iowa fanbase’s confidence in the program at the moment. Confidence fell from 69% (NICE) to 33% after the 2nd straight loss.

The confidence dropping that much is surprising to me. This defense is still elite and this offense while failing to produce touchdowns still found some ways of moving the football. I won’t sit here and tell you that no one should question the offense right now but I do think the issues they’ve ran into these past two weeks can be resolved with better play calling and quicker decision making.

Iowa gets a chance to right the ship against a Purdue team this week that’s giving up the 2nd most yards per game and 3rd most points per game. Here’s to Brian Ferentz and Co. figuring out some of their issues this week and earning some confidence back from you all.

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