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Hawkeye Football: Your Friday Forecast for Iowa vs Penn State

A night game in Kinnick; Amazing fall weather.

Penn State v Iowa
Night games at Kinnick are incredible.

One often overlooked aspect of college football game day is the impact weather can have. No, we’re not just talking about how it impacts playing conditions, but also road conditions (this is Iowa, after all, there is bound to be snow in November) and perhaps most importantly, tailgating conditions.

Each week we’ll be updating you on the forecast for game day so you can plan your day accordingly.

The Hawkeyes host Penn State in a night game at Kinnick Saturday night. What should you wear? Anyone tough enough to go shirtless with “I” “O” “W” “A” on their chests?

The Forecast

For a night game, the weather should be football perfect this weekend. The forecast looks dry and cool; the exact combination of conditions for the best football team to win.

Traffic Conditions

The optimal weather conditions should lead to very few traffic issues. With a night game, people will be arriving all throughout the day so that should also help alleviate any major traffic issues.

Tailgate Conditions

Just like last week, a sweatshirt and your favorite shot (or two +) will be a necessity in the early morning hours as the temperatures before the game will work their way from the mid 30s to the mid 50s closer to game time.

Game Time

By game time at 6:30 pm, temps should be in the low 50s and head down into the 40s as the game goes on and make for perfect fall football weather.

After a rough game in Ann Arbor, home cooking is just what the doctor ordered. Kinnick at night makes for a pretty image on television and if you’re lucky enough to be at the game, the combination of extra time to tailgate and the excitement of playing a ranked opponent should have the place jumping. Hopefully the home crowd will be worth a touchdown and be enough to defeat the Nittany Lions.

Go Hawks!