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SpoCo Radio Episode 19: Big Ten Fill in the Blank and Penn State Preview

...and lots and lots and lots of Brian Ferentz talk.

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Our lovely leader, producer and co-host DCIII is on a pre-vacation in Italy, but that didn’t stop the People’s Champ and I from getting together and shooting the breeze. We start off the show by putting a bow on the Michigan game while discussing Brian Ferentz outlook for the rest of the season and his career. Is he going to maintain this job with more performances like the one we saw against Michigan because of his last name?

We then finally figure out that we need to transition to the meat of our show (hosting is hard work for Champ and I) and we play Big Ten Fill in the Blank. I read ten sentences and Champ and I fill in the blank. Topics include Nate Stanley’s place in Iowa history, Iowa’s Bowl game, Michigan State, Ohio State and where they belong in the playoff picture with Clemson and Alabama, Jim Harbaugh and more.

We then update our Big Ten Contender lists (Champ shockingly removes someone) and then preview this Saturdays preview of Penn State under the lights at Kinnick.

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All the X’s and O’s.


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