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The Pants Party: What to make of the Hawkeyes?

The guys take stock of the Hawkeyes after their big win

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another week in Hawkeye football!.

After the Iowa Hawkeyes win, Ben headed to the Lizzo concert and let me tell you, Max has a take. We quickly recover to talk about the win and identify anything there is to take from such a win against such an opponent. I pose the question: were there enough points for 644 yards?

We go on to discuss the skill guys Iowa has and how they match up year on year, specifically Ihmir Smith-Marsette. We’re also very big on Tyler Goodson, who is a good son. Original joke, I know.

We finish off the podcast with some discussion about Nebraska because that sure was funny. Are we too confident about the Hawkeyes waltzing into the Big House and getting a win? We sure were when we recorded.

Listen below or on your favorite podcast vehicle.

Happy Tuesday!

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