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The Pants Party: Is it football season yet?

Also: Iowa has a couple basketball teams.

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NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi State vs Iowa Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, football season is officially over. How are we coping with it?

Well, we’re talking about football. Iowa football. Iowa football in 2019.

  • Just a lil Outback Bowl talk, of course.
  • Can Brian take the next step as OC?
  • How will Iowa replace all 2018’s star power?
  • What are our gut reactions on the 2019 schedule? Spoiler: Next year’s scheudle is a SLOG.

Don’t worry, we also talked some roundball:

  • The men finally won a conference game!
  • Northwestern and Ohio State predictions
  • Megan Gustafson: the greatest Iowa basketball player of all-time, probably

Oh, and plenty of talk on The Bachelor (ok maybe not this).

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