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The Pants Predicts: Week 5 College Football Games

The Hawks are off, but we sure aren’t.

Idaho State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
NCAA Football: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

#12 West Virginia at #25 Texas Tech

Max: West Virginia players wave to kids in a children’s hospital on their way to the stadium. Imitation is the best form of flattery. West Virginia 37, Texas Tech 35.

J. Hansen: I didn’t know who John Denver was until I moved to Montana. Mounties 49, Tech 40

JPinIC: Country rooooooads, take me hoooooome, West Virginia. 42-35

Hello Jerry: West Virginia is out to prove that they belong with the big dogs of college football. Too bad they have to go to Lubbock and play a team that can put up more than 40 points any given day on any given team. I’ll take the Red Raiders 43-34.

BoilerHawk: Did you know Will Grier is married with a child? Halfway to becoming a millennial Al Bundy! 38-31, West Virginia

Trez: Texas Tech is trying to make themselves relevant for the 1st time in 9 years and a win this weekend will help. They’re offense is no joke. TTU 42, WVU 38

Matt: The Big 12 is still a thing? West Virginia wins, 42-38

Ben: Matt is flipping a coin to pick Ben’s games. Head will always be the first team listed, vice versa. One flip only. Scores are made up by Matt. Texas Tech 44-32.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Oregon
lol at that guy in the middle
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

#19 Oregon at #24 California

Max: I have a cousin who went to Oregon and a cousin who went to Cal. They’d both probably pick Oregon to win this one if I asked but I won’t. Ducks 41, Golden Bears 21.

J. Hansen: Did you know Cal’s stadium carries $314 million in debt? Because, well, yikes. Oregon 38, Expensive Repairs 14

JPinIC: Oregon looked better than I thought they would against a very good Stanford team last week. I think they drill Cal 38-17

Hello Jerry: Oregon didn’t just lost that game against Stanford, they lost it twice. That doesn’t happent his week. Oregon 37-21

Boiler: Two straight Oregon games? I feel like they’ll start a little slow after getting over last week’s hangover. 31-28, Cal

Trez: I’m not sure if Oregon overachieved last week against Stanford or they’re actually that good. I think they’re that good and Cali is in for it. Oregon 40, Cal 24

Matt: Ducks got screwed last week. Also, lol Cal. 55-18, Oregon.

Ben Coin: Oregon, 32-31

NCAA Football: Tulane at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

#4 Ohio State at #9 Penn State

Max: Ohio State is a legitimate team with a potential Heisman candidate at quarterback. Penn State is a pretender. The Nittany Lions’ nice little home winning streak is snapped this weekend. Ohio State 33, Penn State 24.

JPinIC: I’ve been down on Penn State and specifically James Franklin for some time, but have been mildly impressed with them so far this year (more than I expected to be anyway). That ends this week. OSU 41, PSU 24

J. Hansen: I finally got around to learning who Ohio State’s quarterback was last week which then led me down a YouTube rabbit hole. Unsurprisingly Dwayne Haskins is good. tOSU 28, PSU 20.

Hello Jerry: I don’t believe in Penn State. Why? They were getting trampled on by Illinois in the run game for nearly three quarters. I think Ohio State makes their mark as the conference elite in a big win. 42-30.

Boiler: The game everyone wishes Bane wins. 45-41, OSU

Trez: OSU is out to show everyone that they are alone at the top of the B1G and a serious playoff contender. Sorry PSU, but your undefeated season ends Saturday night. OSU 34, PSU 24.

Matt: can never pick OSU. 32-27, Penn State.

Ben Coin: Penn State 55-27

NCAA Football: Stanford at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

#7 Stanford at #8 Notre Dame

Max: I don’t think Notre Dame is for real. Even if I did, I wouldn’t pick ‘em. Stanford 34, Notre Dame 17.

J. Hansen: I’m really starting to believe in The Trees. Trees 30, Domers 28

JPinIC: I think this has the potential to be a really good one. I think Stanford is the better team at this point, but you know, body clocks and Touchdown Jesus and stuff, so maybe ND can pull this one out? Nah. Stanford 24, ND 21

Hello Jerry: Can Notre Dame just put Wimbush in as their RB? Regardless, I think Notre Dame figures out a way to finally beat Stanford for the first time in the last three years. Domers 27-24.

Boiler: It took a lot out of Stanford to come back time and again versus Oregon. Traveling east doesn’t help things. 28-24, Notre Dame

Trez: When Notre Dame starts to climb the rankings it seems like they always let us down. They won’t, at least this week. Notre Dame 27, Stanford 24.

Matt: never pick ND to win, ever. It’s good for your soul. 28-21, Stanford.

Ben Coin: ND, 32-21