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After a successful week gambling, BoilerHawk’s fiancee is back for more

After a 10-5 start from our fearless co-leader, Ben Ross, over the first three weeks he’s skipped the country. Since he’s currently downing decorative stein after decorative stein of beer in Munich, the outsourcing of this column to BoilerHawk’s (amaze) fiancee continues.


3-2 ain’t bad, especially when one of the three was Purdue +220 hosting Boston College.

However, that was last week, and this is this week. After spending all the winnings on DIY supplies for wedding decor, mama needs to buy some boxes of wine for sanity seeing as Boiler will attempt five (not exaggerating) seconds of a simple, albeit, time consuming DIY project and then cry about how exhausted he is.

Without further ado, here’s how I’ll be allocating my weekly wagers…

Texas Tech +145 vs. West Virginia (9/29 at 11:00 AM on ESPN2)

Penn State +145 vs. Ohio State (9/29 at 6:30 PM on ABC)

After riding some home dogs last week, let’s give these two a try. Texas Tech is always good for an upset win each season and beating West Virginia is as good an opportunity as any to capitalize on it.


OSU has looked great so far but the karma has to run out for Urban. Right?


Purdue -3.5 at Nebraska (9/29 at 2:30 PM on BTN)

Is there anything funnier than one coach giving another a figurative wedgie? Yes, because there’s the remarks that Scott Frost made right after getting his undies stretched over his head by Jim Harbaugh: “I told them I honestly believe this is going to be the bottom right here.” And, “we get a game that we can win.”

What’d Brohm say? “I think everything that’s said is heard.”

Let’s keep riding the train all the way through Lincoln.

BYU +17 at Washington (9/29 at 7:30 PM on FOX)

These guys did what Iowa couldn’t. I guess I didn’t need to remind you of that. They’ll be able to brawn their way into a close game against the Huskies.

Wait, these guys don’t drink? I don’t trust people who don’t drink and neither should you.

BYU +17 Washington -17

Pittsburgh +17 at Central Florida (9/29 at 2:30 PM on ESPNU)

Does UCF starting 3-0 by averaging 50 points a game mean that Scott Frost isn’t a good coach? The jury’s still out on that but Pittsburgh drags UCF into the mud enough to keep this close.

Iowa’s off this weekend, which means weddings in the Eastern Iowa area are at their annual peak. Fun fact: if you go to a wedding in Iowa you will, undoubtedly, hear the Iowa fight song. Regardless if the couple or ANYONE IN THE ROOM, FOR THAT MATTER went to Iowa.

It also means you can’t hedge your happiness and with Minnesota and Wisconsin off, you can’t bet against two conference rivals.

But that’s why we gamble. To have a new favorite team every week.