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Iowa Wrestling Recruiting: The Schriever Twins stay home and commit to the Hawkeyes

Cullan is ranked #3 at 113lbs and #24 overall on the Big Board class of 2020

Due to the respectful standards SB Nation asks us to follow I had to refrain from cursing in the title, otherwise I ****ing would have!!!

Iowa recruiting is turning into Marvel’s Juggernaut. We now have unstoppable momentum moving in the right direction. We cannot and will not be slowed. The breaks have literally been cut and we are out of control!

Early today we landed big time recruit Jesse Ybarra. Along with Ybarra and a handful of other recruits, the Schriever twins visited Iowa City this past weekend and came away thoroughly impressed. The Mason City natives officially announced their verbal commitment to the good guys here and here!

With the recent rule change, head coaches can now make in-home recruiting visits starting Sept 1st of their junior year. Iowa always had the lead horse in the race for the twins - that’s because Tom Brands made the biggest impact when he showed up at the Schriever residence at midnight on the opening night to stake his claim. I’d say it was in the bag at that point.

Cullan is the #1 in-state prospect and Flo checks him in at #3 at 113lbs and #24 on the Big Board class of 2020. He’s already a 2x Iowa state champion and won his second freestyle National Title at Fargo this summer.

Cullan plans to wrestle at 120lbs for his junior year and is currently projected to be 125lbs when he steps onto campus in a short 21 months or so. After a redshirt campaign he could become Spencer Lee’s eventual replacement. He’s an absolutely HUGE get for Iowa and pound for pound one of the best lightweights in the country.

Colby is a bit bigger and will go at 138lbs this year. He projects himself to be in the 157lbs range at the collegiate level. He is a 2x state qualifier and placed 7th this past year. He also had a stellar summer winning both the Iowa state Freestyle and Greco Championships.

This is turning into a monumental recruiting cycle for Iowa. One for the ages. Here’s the “List of Awesomeness” we have so far.


Abe Assad #1

Zach Glazier #8


Cullan Schriever #3

Colby Schriever

Jesse Ybarra #8

Patrick Kennedy #4

Jedi Master of Recruiting Ryan Morningstar also made a recent visit to the #1 ranked 126lbs phenom, Robert Howard.

If we’re able to land the New Jersey product, we’re going to have the Holy Trinity of lightweight recruits. Get excited Hawkeye fans, this is it!