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Ybarra is the #42 overall and #8 at 120lbs in the class of 2020


The Iowa Hawkeyes landed another big recruit for their 2020 campaign and he goes by the name of Jesse Ybarra.

Ybarra, along with a handful of other recruits, visited Iowa City and the open practice before the Wisconsin nightmare. At least some great news came from that horrible weekend and he took to Twitter to fly his new colors.

After long thought, I’m proud to announce that Im going to be verbally committing and continuing my academic and athletic career at the university of Iowa! Thank you to all my family, friends and coaches who have supported me throughout this journey...go hawks!

-Jesse Ybarra/ Future Hawkeye Badass

The Arizona standout is entering his junior year of high school fresh off an amazing summer that saw him win a Cadet National Championship in Fargo. He’s already a 2-time state champion with a record of 69-3. Flo currently has him at #42 overall on their 2020 Big Board and #8 at 120lbs.

I expect his stock to rise.

He’s going to give it a go at 126lbs this year for Sunnyside High School. Flo projects him to be 133/141lbs by the time he steps onto campus. This could overlap nicely with Austin DeSanto and Jason Renteria. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work we can transition from one future All-American to another.

Tom and Terry Brands and Master Jedi of recruiting, Ryan Morningstar, have been lighting the recruiting path on fire lately. In order to run down Penn St. they need to continue to land these big names and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Everyone has been talking about the culture shift and tides of change in Iowa City. Well, now we can see it in its full glorious swing.

Tagging along with the 2020 class is Patrick Kennedy. He gave his verbal commit back in June and is currently ranked #8 overall and #4 at 182lbs. Kennedy’s in the same boat as Ybarra. He too, enters into his junior year as a 2x state champion and has already amassed a career record of 73-2.

Though he wasn’t officially listed last weekend on the recruiting visit, he was there on his own dime. He even hopped in and rolled around with All-American Michael Kemerer. By all accounts he looked good too!

This is shaping up to be an amazing off season. With the way we’re trending I fully expect a couple more names to roll in before the season is officially under way on Nov 9. Here’s a look at the schedule for those of you who missed it.