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The Pants Party: Therapy Week

It was a rough weekend. We really needed to talk about it.

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Wisconsin v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

A loss so frustrating, we had to hop on almost immediately to talk about it. That can be therapeutic sometimes, you know?

With no game to preview this upcoming week, we were able to dedicate the entire podcast to the Wisconsin game, and where Iowa goes from here. A fair warning: we do start this off with the negatives from the game, and that takes up the majority of the podcast, but we promise that we get around to some positives and try our best to finish up on a more positive note.

Topics include:

  • Negatives: Brian Ferentz’s play calling, and an analysis of how Iowa has performed since he took over as offensive coordinator last season (a lot of this, actually); special teams mistakes; the state of Iowa’s secondary
  • Positives: Nate Stanley’s solid performance; the running game gashing one of the nation’s top defenses; Amani damn Hooker
  • Taking stock on the remaining schedule - can Iowa push Wisconsin for a trip to Indy?
  • A very fire tweet we received right before we signed off that just had to be shared with all you loyal listeners who we love so dearly

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