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The Pants Predicts: Week Four College Football Games

Time to battle for the Heartland.

NCAA Football: Northern Iowa at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Iowa v Wisconsin Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

#18 Wisconsin at Iowa (7:30 pm, FOX)

Max: I picked Iowa to win this one on the podcast and at B5Q, but the more I think about this game, the less likely I think Iowa is to win it without things looking truly ugly. I’ll stick with the Hawks and their #1 defense (per S&P+) against my better judgement. Iowa 17, Wisconsin 10.

Jordan H: I felt good about this until just right now. 17-13 Wisconsin

Ben: 24-10 Iowa

Hello Jerry: I am so confident in Iowa’s defense that I’m starting to wonder if this is the ultimate trap. That I’m just standing on a rug right when it’s going to be pulled out. But, at the same time, have you seen this defense? They can absolutely contain Taylor and force Hornibrook into a few mistakes. Give me Iowa 27, Wisconsin 17.

BoilerHawk: I’m scared about this game. But I think it’s a good scared. This defensive line is as good as Iowa’s ever had and Wisconsin’s OL is showing cracks in their vineer. Maybe they had too much campfire sauce in the offseason. Iowa 13, Wisconsin 12.

Trez: I just don’t understand how Jonathan Taylor Thomas is even playing football. BF finds his decoder ring under the couch cushion and finally deciphers the playbook. Mr. Fant-astic has another big game, our defense proves they’re the real deal, and we seal it in Victory Formation. Iowa 24, Wisconsin 20

JPinIC: I want to believe. I want to believe so bad. It would be so amazing to watch another big time win in Kinnick at night. It’s an incredible experience and I want to have it again Saturday. But I also want to hedge my happiness. I can see a world where Brian uses the BYU tape to exploit this weakened Wisconsin defense and Phil Parker does what Phil Parker does en route to drubbing the Badgers 31-10. But I can also see a world where Wisconsin runs right up the middle and negates Iowa’s strength on the edges by staying ahead of the chains and the Iowa offense goes into turtle mode and loses 31-10. I’ll split the difference and say Wisconsin wins the rock fight 17-13. And now I’m going to go cry in a corner.

Matt: Iowa wins a slog, 17-7.

MattReisener: Unfortunately I think Wisconsin losing to BYU will help them refocus for this game, and it’s tough to imagine this Badgers team starting the season 2-2. I’ll believe that Iowa can score on Wisconsin’s 3-4 when I finally see it, but Iowa is one disastrous Alex Hornibrook performance from pulling this one out. Wisconsin 17, Iowa 14

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

#7 Stanford at #20 Oregon (7:00 pm, ABC)

Max: I have a cousin who’s an Oregon grad, and since I was in high school, I’ve always enjoyed watching Oregon in their beautiful uniforms. I think Justin Herbert is the real deal, and he’s going lead the Ducks on an evisceration of the Cardinal in Autzen. Oregon 38, Stanford 24.

Jordan H: I think the Trees are the real deal this year. 35-24 Stanford

Ben: 31-17 Stanford

Hello Jerry: Stanford methodically wins a close one against an Oregon team I actually enjoy watching, 24-21.

Boiler: You can’t spell “Autzen” without “NUTZ” which is what that stadium will be. Oregon 31, Stanford 28.

Trez: Stanford is steadily climbing the rankings and I don’t see them stopping now. Oregon’s offense has been on a roll, but it won’t keep them from drowning in their own tears after a bitter defeat at home. Stanford 34, Oregon 24

JPinIC: Stanford gets Bryce Love back and Stanford is good. Give me the Cardinal over Oregon 31-24.

Matt: Bryce Love is good. 34-24, Stanford.

MattReisener: Justin Herbert is a legitimate NFL talent, and it helps the Ducks that this game is played at Autzen. But Oregon hasn’t played a physical team like Stanford yet, while the Cardinals have already shown their mettle against a tough opening slate. Stanford 27, Oregon 24

Buffalo v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Buffalo at rutger (11:00 am, BTN)

Max: I’m going to pick rutger (ironically, of course) to win this game. Go rutger. rutger 2, Buffalo 0.

Jordan H: How To Talk To Your Kids About An Undefeated Buffalo: 24-10 Bullz

Ben: 17-0 Buffalo

Hello Jerry: Buffalo, only because I literally can’t even think about this game. Say 17-5.

Boiler: I’ve literally never been more excited for a rutger game and I was a stone’s throw away from their blowout loss to Kansas. 21-14, Buffalo

Trez: After their dismantling of EMU there’s no reason to think Buffalo can’t and won’t do it again. Victor E. Bull is going to go crazy over the Rutgers “red”. Buffalo 27, rutger who cares

JPinIC: Look, Buffalo is actually in New York. Can we just get this over with and trade rutger for Buffalo to keep the TV sets and get a football team that’s not complete garbage? Buffalo 24, rutger 17

Matt: Never pick rutger. 30-0, Buffalo.

MattReisener: I could tell you that Anthony Johnson is a matchup nightmare for the Scarlet Knights. I could tell you that Artur Sitkowski is a walking interception who isn’t ready for college ball. But all you need to know to understand this pick is one score: KU 55, Rutgers 14. On that note: Buffalo- 28, Rutgers 20

Ball State v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

#24 Michigan State at Indiana (6:30 pm, BTN)

Max: I believe in Indiana. Bring back the #CHAOSTEAM (except for when Iowa plays them). Indiana 24, Michigan State 13.

Jordan H: Is Michigan State bad? Is Indiana Above Average? Is there life out there? I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. Sparty by a field goal, 20-17.

Ben: 31-18 Indiana

Hello Jerry: Indiana is going to give Sparty trouble because that seems to be the only kind of games Michigan State plays in this season. Spartans win on a late field goal, 24-23.

BoilerHawk: Dantonio will push the right buttons down the stretch. I won’t like it and neither will you, dear reader. MSU 27, Indiana 20

Trez: The Spartans will form up and get back on track, but it won’t be without drama. Indiana rallies late in a losing effort. MSU 30, Indiana 27

JPinIC: I want Michigan State to impload so bad. I am… not a Mark D’Antonio fan. But alas, I don’t trust Indiana. I will never trust Indiana. Not even in hoops. MSU 27, Indiana 24

Matt: I stayed up late two weeks ago watching MSU lose to ASU while in a group chat with my MSU fan friends. It was not worth it. My friend John has this to say about his Spartans: “MSU struggles with IU’s fast pace but ultimately the front seven of the MSU defense makes enough of a stand to put MSU’s passing game in a position to seal the win. 24-21 MSU, and it’s too close for Spartan fan’s comfort.”

MattReisener: I have to think Dantonio used his bye week to crack the whip and remind the Spartans that they were supposed to contend for the Big Ten East this season. Close through three, but MSU pulls away late. Michigan State 28, Indiana 17