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Iowa Football vs. Northern Illinois Huskies: Second Half Game Thread

Iowa’s defense has been stout thus far.

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

After one half, the Hawkeyes lead the Huskies 3-0.

The first quarter was an absolutely abysmal thing to watch, if we’re being honest, where we saw a blocked punt, a missed field goal, an interception, a turnover on downs, and some punts. The biggest factor here was some crucial drops from the receivers, as they just haven’t been able to find much success so far.

The second half, we saw a field goal! It probably could’ve been a touchdown, but some penalties slowed down the Hawkeyes in the red zone and they had to settle for a 33-yard field goal from Miguel Recinos. The defense continued to be stout, but the offense hasn’t found much luck thus far.

In other news, Penn State and Appalachian State are tied at 10 at the half.

Usual rules apply. Go Hawks.