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Whatcha Drinkin’, Whatcha Watchin’: Bachelor Life, Week 1

I feel like a college kid. A much older, less in shape college kid. Who has to wake up before noon and has responsibilities. I feel like a middle-aged man living in a dorm room.

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As you will recall, JPinIC is currently returning to the bachelor lifestyle for the next several weeks. Due to home renovations Mrs. PinIC and the two junior PinICs are at the in-laws and JP is being left to fend for himself in a home without a kitchen.

In the the Iowa Hawkeye fan world, the fans are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the fans who follow the team and the writers who cover them. JP is (ostensibly) both. These are his stories. Duh duh.

Day 1

Dearest diary,

The bachelor life has started off OK. During my return journey, I stopped off for supplies. I of course only grabbed the bare essentials.

Things seemed to be going well as I unpacked, fired up the grill and proceeded to crack open a cold one. The cheddar brat and burger were delicious, as was the cold one.

I hit my first road block of this new adventure shortly after finishing said cold one: there’s no toilet on the first floor anymore. Damn. Guess I’ll be getting my steps in these next few weeks.

Welp, time to pick a show, settle in and get Overreaction Monday started. Despite all the wonderful feedback, I’m sticking with what I know for tonight - Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 (because I binged season 1 during a free weekend and they allowed me to watch the season premiere for free and suckered me into paying for the month while I’m alone) and a Lagunitas IPA (because it was in the mini fridge I preemptively moved into the living from from the garage during the demo). See you all on the flip side.

UPDATE: Damnit all to hell. It’s currently 1am and I have yet to finish Overreaction Monday. I have, however, finished all the Lagunitas and 7 episodes of Westworld. This is supposed to be the time where I catch up on sleep, not lose it!

Day 2

Major win of the day: my employer is graciously providing dinner for anyone stuck in the office working. No need to order my own carry out.

But the win comes at a cost - I don’t get home until 7:30 and despite being a “bachelor” I still care about the outward appearance of my home. I mowed the yard and didn’t get inside until 9.

Time to wrap up Westworld and see what’s in the fridge.

UPDATE: It’s Busch Light.

Note to self: stop off for further provisions tomorrow.

Update Re: Westworld: I am a fan. We’re getting deeper into big philosophical thoughts and crises. No spoilers, but if you’re looking for some combination of a western with sci-fi done pretty well, I recommend. I’m a fan of shows that try to twist your mind just a bit and while you can see a lot of this coming, Westworld fits the bill for me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some cortical fluid

Day 3

It’s day 3 in the life of a bachelor, but day 2 in the life of a guy with a day job that’s cyclical in nature. Another late evening at work and another night of employer-provided food. A pit stop at Lowes for $2 bags of mulch, a second stop at Hy-Vee to restock the fridge and I’m home by 8.

The wall that used to separate my kitchen from my dining room is missing. This is weird.

I didn’t get this month of HBO to settle into a bunch of Netflix stuff (seriously though, I noted all the recommendations from the comments and I’m catching up on them as soon as my month is over here, starting with the NYC police documentary), so I’m diving into GoT. Wish me luck.

Oh, btw, it’s Pseudo Sue tonight. I promise to get more adventurous with the beverages at some point, but I need to seriously plan to grab things instead of just rolling through my local grocer at 7:45. Baby steps.

Day 4

Day 4 happens to be the 4th of July. Sometimes life just works out, eh?

No updates on the show front - being a holiday and all, the wife brought the kids up so they remember who I am. We’ll celebrate our country’s freedom like true Americans - by drinking imported beer and grilling out.

God bless America!

Day 5

Back in the saddle, baby!

The wife and kids departed for the in-laws again and I’m back to livin’ the college life. Granted, I’m not in a dorm room with 3 other dudes, but I am living out of a single room and not picking up after myself. I’ve also progressed from 30 packs of Natty Ice to Two Hearted’s and I’m eating carry out from my employer rather than hitting a dorm cafe or heating up some ramen, and yet I feel like a college kid again.

Unfortunately, rather than heading out for a glorious thirsty Thursday at Brothers or Joe’s Place, I’m at home reminiscing about those glory days and embarking on a Game of Thrones Journey.

Frankly, 8 episodes in GoT appears to be have more going on than a night on the Ped Mall, and that’s saying something.

I’m way late to the party on this (more than 7 years in just getting started on the show, but who’s counting), but I think a rundown of which GoT house each Big Ten football team is, or perhaps their coach is, will be in order when I get a season or two in. Until then, let’s hear how you’d align them!

Off to the in-laws tomorrow to be reunited with the family and pick up my laundry. See you all bright and early Monday morning.