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NCAA Football: Illinois at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

In the same email announcing Brandon Snyder’s departure from the program, the Iowa football team declared Tristan Wirfs will sit out the first game of the season as punishment for his OWI arrest over the weekend.

Kirk Ferentz, per the release:

Consistent with our team policy, Tristan Wirfs will serve a one-game suspension for his arrest for driving under the influence.

It is always disappointing when student-athletes make decisions that are against the law and/or inconsistent with the University of Iowa’s code of conduct or team policies.

Within one week, two of our players were arrested on alcohol-related charges. As a veteran football coach and parent, I understand firsthand the personal pain and public humiliation that comes with making such decisions. While these players are college students first, they are held to a much higher standard because of the privilege and responsibility that comes with being a member of the Iowa football program.

Any player in violation of team rules or the university code of conduct is subjected to a variety of penalties. My philosophy and practice is consistent, and that is to hold players accountable - - no matter their position on the depth chart. However, I hold senior members of the team to a higher standard because they know and understand the expectations.

These situations can be defining moments for all students. It is my responsibility to hold our players accountable and help them learn and succeed. My goal is to develop a winning culture that translates into championship seasons and players who are successful in life.

Potential starters for Wirfs against NIU include senior Dalton Ferguson, redshirt freshman Mark Kallenberger or Levi Paulsen, who started the Pinstripe Bowl at right tackle as Wirfs filled in on the left side for Alaric Jackson.

It’s been a busy week with some not great Hawkeye news. Let’s hope it ends here.