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Whatcha Drinkin’, Whatcha Watchin’: Bachelor Life, Week 3

It’s a bit of a change up this week as JP preps for the KF era draft and a preview of UNI. There’s game film, documentaries and more.

Iowa Hawkeyes v South Carolina Gamecocks
Shonn Greene was so much fun to watch.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

As you will recall, JPinIC is currently returning to the bachelor lifestyle for the next several weeks. Due to home renovations Mrs. PinIC and the two junior PinICs are at the in-laws and JP is being left to fend for himself in a home without a kitchen.

In the the Iowa Hawkeye fan world, the fans are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the fans who follow the team and the writers who cover them. JP is (ostensibly) both. These are his stories. Duh duh.

Another week, another change up in the watching habits at the PinIC household. Fear not, I haven’t totally abandoned the ways of the prior two weeks. I’m still enjoying some Game of Thrones, just trying to moderate myself and actually get some sleep. And I’m still getting out there and seeing friends I’ve paid far too little attention to recently.

But this week has had a bit more of an Iowa flavor to it. No, not corn on the cob and pork bellies, I’m talking about the Hawkeyes. Between my preview of the matchup with UNI and the triumphant return of The Pants Party podcast with our Ferentz-era draft, I had some homework to do early in the week. Of course, that didn’t stop me from binge-ing on some combination of GoT, some of your suggestions and some stuff I stumbled across on my own.

Sunday - Day 12 (Still)

OK, so this isn’t exactly a bachelor day. I’m at the in-laws getting some time in with the wife and kids. But everyone fell asleep and I have a couple hours to kill. I’m not at my house to do anything productive so instead I’m reading back through all your comments to find something new to watch (the in-laws don’t have HBO or any device for me to stream on other than the Netflix pre-loaded on their TV).

I’ve settled on The Five Seven, a Netflix documentary about the 75th precinct in New York and an incredible story of police corruption in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Shouts to Gookin for the recommendation.

It’s a bit on the longer side for one sitting with a run time somewhere between 1:45 and 2 hours, but it was damn good. I enjoy documentaries and have only really held off to this point because my wife will occasionally partake in them with me while putting the foot down on certain other genres. I also am here for just about anything having to do with cops and drug kingpins. Check, check, check.

If you’ve got a couple hours to kill and don’t want to get sucked into an addictive series, strong recommend here. Thanks again to Gookin.

Monday - Day 13

I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I slacked on my prep for this Ferentz-era draft we’re kicking off at 9 and I have also not watched any of 2017 UNI. Do I just totally wing it in the draft and prep for the UNI piece or try to cram both in?

Eh, who needs sleep anyway.

Draft prep quickly before we hit this pod. Up first? Throwbacks to the first glory days under KF.

Boy do I miss having a QB who could attack with his legs the way Brad Banks did. Such an anomaly in the KF era. That team was so fun to watch with all the weapons on offense. Between Russell and Lewis in the backfield and Banks throwing to Dallas Clark, Mo Brown et al, it was incredible. Oh, and some guy named Robert Gallery on the line.

There are going to be a ton of guys taken from this roster in our KF-era draft.

UPDATE: That may have been an understatement.

Time for some interwebz searches on the UNI Panthers and I’m off to bed. No GoT tonight, baby!

Tuesday - Day 14

Tonight could be a long one. I’ve got dinner plans with a high school buddy following work and I need to cram this UNI preview in. Catch you at 1am.

EDIT: It’s not 1am. I’m back at it and it’s only 10:30. Look at me making good decision!

Anyway, on to the UNI preview. It’s a damn shame we don’t get to watch Daurice Fountain in Iowa City this fall. Not that I want any part of that matchup with a new corner being broken in, but that kid was a lot of fun to watch. I spent way to much time watching him instead of guys Iowa will actually face.

I’ll leave the preview itself for that post, but I’ll just say that watching all that Fountain footage showed me Eli Dunne has some talent. It will be interesting to see what he can do without his star WR, but he has some skills to maybe cause Iowa some problems. Maybe.

Wednesday - Day 15

Alright, film study is over. No plans tonight. I have stuff I need to do around the house, but I also have work I need to catch up on. I’m opting for the latter in front of the TV. Sue me.

The challenge now is to not fall victim to the same trap I’ve fallen into so many other times - if I start GoT at 7:30, there’s a decent chance I wake up in the chair 12 hours and one season later. Not ideal.

Instead, I’m going to vibe on a documentary. I’ve had a couple people recommend The Staircase on Netflix. It looks like it’s worth a shot. The problem? 13 episodes. 45 minutes each. I don’t want no part of of knocking out nearly 10 hours of documentary tonight.

Luckily, Netflix knows me (take my data!). Right next to The Staircase is another documentary that looks promising: Evil Genius. The trailer auto-plays and 2 minutes later I’m hooked. It’s 4 roughly 1-hour episodes so I can go to sleep the same day I start. Win, win.

UPDATE: Strong recommend on this one if you’re into documentaries, true crime or just random, crazy stories.

I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s the true story of a pizza delivery man who, in the early 2000s, walked into a bank in Erie, PA and demanded $250k. He was carrying a cane gun and had a bomb strapped around his neck.

The real twist? He was stopped shortly thereafter and police discovered the bomb seemed to be ticking and the delivery man claimed someone put it on him and made him rob the bank.


Thursday - Day 16

Welp, this week of bachelor life is getting cut short. In an effort to have my children remember my face, I’m headed to the in-laws for the night rather than hanging at the house alone. Chances are I fall asleep. Sorry, not sorry.

UPDATE: I didn’t fall asleep. Not too much time, but I’m craving some comedy.

SECOND UPDATE: Last week I spent way too much time looking at old Chappelle show clips after dropping a Chappelle gif. I stumbled across The Age of Spin: Dave Chappell Life at The Hollywood Palladium so I’m here for the next hour.

FINAL UPDATE: Chappelle is always funny. It’s not quite the same watching pure stand up without the skits, but I’m a fan.

That’s it for week 3 in IC. Things are actually progressing on the remodel front so next week may be the last week you have to put up with me. There will be some time spent on additional film study for part 2 of the KF draft, but I’ll have some down time. Any recommendations in the final countdown?

And one last parting gift. Despite not getting him in the draft, I want to pay my respects to the first RB off the board. 1,850 yards, 20 TDs, Gang Greene baby!