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Illinois v Iowa Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images


It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d try and round up everything we haven’t been able to get to in a formal post here at The Pants.

I’ll start with what I think is the most interesting Hawkeye nugget, though it’s mostly extrapolation:

I haven’t seen anything formal written about Iowa’s visit to the east coast, but I am JUICED over the fact we have the coaching staff taking pointers from Billy B. right now.

Why are the coaches there? I don’t know! But speculation tells me Brian is trying to learn how to call plays better from his former boss, and is trying to figure out to get Noah Fant to haul in 20 touchdowns this season.

Related to the Ferentz-Belichick connection, Chad Leistikow has a story on how Belichick hand-picked Ferentz to be his offensive line coach for the Browns back in 1992.

Also, the football team will be rocking custom helmets next year to help with increased comfort and protection. Fifteen players wore the helmets last year, but just about every player will get one this year.

Breaking news! We have a development on some basketball scheduling!

Iowa doesn’t have the best track record at these preseason tournaments but playing Oregon will be neat!

A quick break here to talk about the Hawkeyes in Eugene and ... it’s nice to see things are going well!

Our boy Jordan previewed the T&F for y’all earlier this week, we’ll have a comprehensive recap after the weekend wraps up.

In wrestling news, we have Michael Kemerer moving up from 157 to 174. That’s a pretty significant bulking!

The move isn’t set in stone, but Brands is putting a lot smoke around the development it appears.

A whole mess of Iowa baseball players were drafted over the past couple days. Check out all our coverage of that here.

The Big 12 reported revenues of $36 million per school for the past fiscal year. The Big Ten scoffs at that figure.

Not sure if any of you are following this messy Baltimore high school football drama, but it’s kind of interesting.

The man at the center of the feud is a coach and hedge fund manager named Biff Poggi. If that sounds familiar, it’s because he had a son at Iowa get a nasty case of Rhabdomyolysis when that afflicted the team. (He also had a son play at Michigan recently).

Biff was the parent who called his own press conference to address what was going on.

The whole ordeal is very interesting, and worth reading up on over at Deadspin.

Very important news from Toppling Goliath:

And congrats to the Washington Capitals on winning the Stanley Cup.

Go forth, and Go Hawks.