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NCAA Football: NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa The Des Moines Register-USA TODAY Sports

I know we always talk about the doldrums of the summer and offseason and shitposts and what have you, but man, this current period feels more bare than usual when it comes to Hawkeye #content.

That’s not totally true of course. The last couple days have seen a new Iowa football commit, a RED-HOT Iowa baseball team taking two outta three from a ranked OKST team (check out baseball bracketology from our friends at GIA here; and then there’s this dumb, very dumb thing from an Iowa State football coach (more on this in a moment) (and by moment I mean now).

In general, Max and I try and enact an editorial policy that wholly ignores Iowa State and their shenanigans for all but about 10 days of the year. The summer would be a perfect time to pick the low-hanging fruit that is Syclone Stupidity (I know how to spell cyclone) but we really would rather just save all that pent-up rage for Fact Week in the early fall. Not everyone on staff agrees with this policy and that’s fine. Some of you probably don’t agree with this either, that’s also fine.

I’ll admit, it was really tough to ignore the (admittedly dumb) comments that came out of Kelvin Bell’s mouth last week, it was also really tough to ignore the ire and also dumb comments it spawned in Ames. Just as tough as it was to ignore Jim Hofher’s Tweet at a recruit (remember kids, never Tweet).

Overall, I’m happy this kind of shade hasn’t found a full-time home on this site. It’s the summer, I can finally walk outside without having nine layers of wool draped over me and I don’t need to spend any more time getting #MadOnline than I already do. This isn’t to sound preachy, but it’s just not us. I welcome anyone to FanPost with ISU or other shade if they want, otherwise you’ll just have to wait until early September to get your fix like the junkies you are. The comments are often aflutter with Syclone Shade anyway, and that’s enough for me.

And now, the links:

A guy who has NEVER ATTEMPTED A PASS IN THE BIG TEN and another guy who has just 57 attempts are better quarterbacks than Nate Stanley, I guess.

  • Matt VandeBerg is getting a tryout with the Bears.
  • Remember Kyle Groeneweg, the receiver no one had heard who cracked the spring two-deeps at receiver? Mark Emmert has the skinny on the kid.
  • Tyler Cook to the NBA is no slam dunk, according to Mike Hlas.
  • This video that follows James Daniels and Josh Jackson around at the draft is a must-watch:

Go forth, and go Hawks.