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Black Heart Gold Bracket Update: Sweet Sixteen Edition

It lit.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Purdue Boilermakers vs Butler Bulldogs Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you’re one of those people who puts a bracket into your favorite sports web log’s pool and just forgets about it. You might be sad, especially if you’re a part of the 45% who already has their national champion out.

Maybe you watch it religiously to see if you’re able to claim the exclusive Black Heart Gold Bracket prize of “bragging rights.” You might be happy, as you are riding high after picking some upsets while avoiding some landmines.

In either case, I’ve come to tell you about the top 10. Many outside of this range still have a chance if the balls bounce their way!

45 points: charlie/Tripod CEO (Duke) & Hayden Umbenhower/$100000 bracket (Arizona)

42 points: Ben/Hurricane Ferentz (Villanova), Me/just purdue it (Gonzaga), MDHawkeye (Michigan State), TimW/The Last Round (Villanova), Derp/Dagnabit (Michigan State)

41 points: J. Masters/Take It To The Rim (Texas Tech), Gabe Moeller (Villanova)

40 points: Robert (Villanova), JPinIC (Villanova), and 4 brackets who picked Virginia

I would continue and gloat about being in second third but it’s strictly forbidden as I am not yet the champion and therefore do not have bragging rights. Rules, people.

The rest of the list is found here.

What was your best pick? What was your worst pick? Are you excited for the rest of the games? It’s okay if you are.