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Whatcha Drinking, Who Ya Watchin NCAA Tournament Thursday?

Ohio State and Michigan kick things off for the Big Ten

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four-St. Bonaventure vs. UCLA Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You might be asking: why is a picture of Steve Alford that guy leading off the happiest time of year? Well, if you’re a fan of schadenfreude, it just might be.

Now we can enjoy the greatest sports event (@ me if you believe otherwise) without fear of him advancing any further.

With that, there are some pretty enticing games on the docket today - full schedule is below:

  • A couple 5-12 matchups, including one which matches up a couple Hawkeye killers in Ohio State (Keita Bates-Diop) and South Dakota State (Mike Daum). That starts around 3:00 CST. The other 5-12 pits Kentucky against their wildcat counterpart: Davidson. Feels like a few too many people are getting on the College of Steph Curry bandwagon if you ask me. (you didn’t) The ball is tipped is at 6:10.
  • Can something crazy happen? I wouldn’t put Penn past scaring the fecal matter out of Kansas and Bill Self. They can defend the three and have 8 guys who posted 20+ points in a game according to a guy who slid into One Shining Podcast’s DMs. It’s a sorta sleepy start at 1:00. Be sure to time your lunch accordingly.
  • Michigan and Montana bookend the action in Wichita at 8:50ish. Can Big Blue rekindle the magic from a couple weeks ago? Goodness, that feels like a long time ago. Iowa took them to overtime though, people forget that.

Drink o’ the day

That’s right. Filtered water. Like every red blooded American, I’ll do what I can to watch the games at work. It would be uncouth to do anything else so this’ll have to do. You’re supposed to keep hydrated, anyways. Don’t want to make Friday too bad.

Games o’ the day


(10) Oklahoma vs. (7) Rhode Island Pittsburgh, PA 11:15 a.m. CBS | Stream
(14) Wright State vs. (3) Tennessee Dallas, TX 11:40 a.m. truTV | Stream
(13) UNCG vs. (4) Gonzaga Boise, ID 12:30 p.m. TNT | Stream
(16) Penn vs. (1) Kansas Wichita, KS 1 p.m. TBS | Stream
(15) Iona vs. (2) Duke Pittsburgh, PA 1:45 p.m. CBS | Stream
(11) Loyola-Chicago vs. (6) Miami (Fla.) Dallas, TX 2:10 p.m. truTV | Stream
(12) South Dakota State vs. (5) Ohio State Boise, ID 3 p.m. TNT | Stream
(9) NC State vs. (8) Seton Hall Wichita, KS 3:30 p.m. TBS | Stream
(16) Radford vs. (1) Villanova Pittsburgh, PA 5:45 p.m. TNT | Stream
(12) Davidson vs. (5) Kentucky Boise, ID 6:10 p.m. CBS | Stream
(11) San Diego State vs. (6) Houston Wichita, KS 6:20 p.m. TBS | Stream
(14) Stephen F. Austin vs. (3) Texas Tech Dallas, TX 6:27 p.m. truTV | Stream
(9) Alabama vs. (8) Virginia Tech Pittsburgh, PA 8:20 p.m. TNT | Stream
(13) Buffalo vs. (4) Arizona Boise, ID 8:40 p.m. CBS | Stream
(14) Montana vs. (3) Michigan Wichita, KS 8:50 p.m. TBS | Stream
(11) St. Bonaventure vs. (6) Florida Dallas, TX 8:55 p.m. truTV | Stream

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