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Iowa wrestling demolishes Iowa State, Dresser calls out Hawkeyes

Kevin Dresser did NOT like that Iowa didn’t wrestle at 197

Iowa Tom Brands Rachel Jessen Rachel Jessen

For the 14th time in a row, the Iowa wrestling team beat Iowa State in a dual, taking Sunday’s contest 35-6.

It was the latest chapter in the lopsided in-state rivalry that now favors the Hawkeyes by quite a bit — they now lead the all time series 64-16-2. Spencer Lee got the party started with a pin in 40 seconds and things, well, they snowballed from there.

Alex Marinelli also got a quick pin, sticking Skyler St. John in 0:52.

The more... perhaps interesting part of the dual came after. Iowa decided not to wrestle at 197 — they weighed in Steven Holloway, instead of usual starter Cashe Wilcke — and decided to forfeit. Wilcke, it sounds like, is sick and Holloway might be injured.

Iowa State head coach Kevin Dresser, a former national champion at Iowa, did not like this.

“I think it’s a chicken-blank move,” Dresser said. “We went and found a guy at 7/11 (Sinjin Briggs) and wrestled him all year at 125. They weigh in a guy at 197 and don’t wrestle him? That’s probably the difference between the two programs. The day will come when we even the score in this dual meet. We don’t roll that way, but they can roll how they want to roll.”

It’s not a “chicken-blank” move and Dresser is mouthing off for absolutely no reason. You get your ass kicked in a dual (ISU had ONE takedown... ONE) and you’re going to get mad Tom Brands decided to hold back a guy that might be injured?

That’s horseshit. Iowa State isn’t going to be competitive with Iowa any time soon and while it makes sense you’re saying stuff to rile up your fanbase, all of this is stupid to say.

Brands doesn’t do things without calculating them first. It’s a decision he made to save his wrestlers and it’s not like the Hawkeyes threw the heavyweight bout to end the meet.

And the difference between the two programs?

Well, that’s pretty easy. Iowa is good and Iowa State is not. It’s been that way for a while and while the Cyclones will certainly get better with time, calling out the Hawkeyes for not wrestling at a weight because of injury or sickness is just stupid.

Maybe it’s Dresser trying to make the rivalry a bit more heated or maybe he truly thinks Brands was trying to be an ass.

I don’t know. Whatever it was, trying to turn it into something bigger was dumb and it makes Iowa State look bad. And, really, the Cyclones were lucky to not get shut out for the first time since the 1950’s.

#7 IOWA 35, Iowa State 6

125 -- #3 Spencer Lee (IA) pinned Sinjin Briggs (ISU), 0:40; 6-0

133 -- Paul Glynn (IA) dec. Markus Simmons (ISU), 8-7; 9-0

141 -- Vince Turk (IA) major dec. Ian Parker (ISU), 13-5; 13-0

149 -- #2 Brandon Sorensen (IA) dec. Jarrett Degen (ISU), 7-4; 16-0

157 -- #2 Michael Kemerer (IA) dec. Chase Straw (ISU), 11-5; 19-0

165 -- #2 Alex Marinelli (IA) pinned Skyler St. John (ISU), 0:52; 25-0

174 -- Joey Gunther (IA) dec. Danny Bush (ISU), 4-0; 28-0

184 -- #20 Mitch Bowman (IA) dec. Dane Pestano (ISU), 3-2; 31-0

197 -- Sam Colbray (ISU) won by forfeit (ISU); 31-6

285 -- #5 Sam Stoll (IA) major dec. Marcus Harrington (ISU), 14-4; 35-6