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Let’s Revisit These Iowa Football Predictions

Some were good, most were bad

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The ink is drying on Iowa football’s regular season, and we have to wait just a couple more days to find out the Hawkeyes are playing Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. Se we’re a little lean on football content!

Have no fear, I have just the thing.

Thanks to loyal reader and closet Hawkeye fan Gookin, I was reminded of a piece I wrote in August with some BOLD TAEKS leading up to the season. They are hilarious to read in retrospect. Let’s go over each prediction and determine for yourself how big of an idiot I am!

1. Iowa will produce two 1,000-yard rushers this year.

HA! Iowa didn’t even produce one!

2. Iowa will have an all-American on the roster.

TBD but unlikely.

3. Iowa will beat Wisconsin this year, but not make it to the Conference Championship Game.

4. Iowa will win 10 games this year, with or without a bowl game


5. There will be a multi-week stretch where people say TJ Hockenson should start over Noah Fant.

OK now this did happen.

6. There will be rumors of Phil Parker leaving after this season.

I predict that this prediction prove to be accurate very shortly.

7. A true freshman will see significant playing time at cornerback this season.

This was too easy.

8. Poor punting will cost Iowa a game this season.

I don’t think it did! Poor punt coverage, however, is a different story.

9. Good punting will secure an Iowa win this season.


10. Nate Stanley will have worse stats this year, but he, and the team, will be better for it.

Stanley’s stats took a slight dip this season, though his completion percentage did rise a not-insignificant amount. And Iowa won one more regular season game than it did last year. So I dunno how you wanna score it.

11. Iowa football will be ranked in the final AP poll of the season.

Could still happen!

So there you have it: I’m counting three correct predictions there, with as many as five coming true depending how Iowa does in the bowl game. Five out of 11 is pretty good.


Tell me it’s good I need your acceptance.