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Hawkeyes Swat Hornets 105-78

Another day, another strong performance from Luka Garza

Have you ever seen your favorite baseball team fall behind by eight or nine runs early in the game and you start to wonder if you might get to see that fifth outfielder come into the game to pitch? Well, tonight you have your wish! As all the starters are travelling for the holidays, you get me for the game summary.

As #20 Iowa gets ready to play Alabama State, we probably shouldn’t expect the excitement of #1 Duke vs. #3 Gonzaga (Gonzaga wins by two even though they missed their last four free throws) or even the competitiveness of Washington vs. Minnesota (Minnesota remains undefeated as freshman Gabe Kalscheur nails a late three-pointer for the win).

Iowa comes in as 27.5 point favorites and it’s a rematch of last year’s game where Iowa prevailed 92-58 ( 34 points for you non-math majors).

The announcers on the Big Ten Network are Jeff Levering and our own Jess Settles. For those of you interested, I’m starting the game with a Budweiser Copper Lager.

Luka Garza picks up from where he left off in New York City with the first basket of the game (and the second and the third).

The Hawkeyes show a bit of pressure early in the game and cause a couple of early turnovers. Before the Hornets can get on the board, the Hawks run out to a 12-0 lead. After Alabama State scores their first basket, Tyler Cook slams one home like he was very upset with the rim. At the first break, it’s Iowa 17, Alabama State 4.

Things you may not know about Alabama State.

  • Founded two years after the Civil War ended
  • Rosa Parks attended The State Teacher’s College (which became Alabama State)

Back to the action, the Hawkeyes continue to pour it on as the first subs come into the game. Freshman Joe Wieskamp sets his career high in points about ten minutes into the game with 16 early in the game. Iowa leads the Hornets 37-19 at the under eight break.

There’s not much bad to say about the first half performance except for perhaps a couple of unnecessary turnovers. Iowa heads to halftime with a commanding 68-37 lead and Garza leading in scoring with 19 points (on 7-7 shooting and 4-4 at the free-throw line) with Wieskamp adding 18. Conner McCaffery also has a career high five assists at the break.

While it’s really hard to stay pumped up when you have a 31 point halftime lead, the Hawkeyes didn’t put their foot on the throats of the Hornets and the second half was pretty much a push against the Hornets. It’s easy to nitpick some lazy defense situations, but it’s not easy to stay dominant with a huge lead, though it’s a skill that hopefully Iowa can work on the rest of the season.

The deep part of the bench got into the game at around the 7:00 minute mark. Austin Ash gets the Hawks to 99 points and Ryan Kriener puts the Hawks over 100 with a bucket. Around the Thanksgiving table, Michael Baer will let older brother Nicholas know that he outscored him 3-0 in the game.

Iowa wins 105-78 in a fairly dominant effort. Garza led the way with 22 points with Wieskamp adding 20 and Isaiah Moss adding 15. In the “what the heck” category, Jordan Bohannon went scoreless on two shots.

Next up for the Hawkeyes is a home game against Pittsburgh in the ACC/Big 10 Challenge on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to all and let’s give the Huskers a beat down on Friday on the gridiron.