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The Pants Party: Iowa Basketball’s BACK and Nigerian Princes

We covered a lot in this episode. Sorry in advance.

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2K Empire Classic Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Folks, the podcast with the hosts you love and the audio quality you settle for is back after a week off! Seriously, we had absolutely nothing good to say last week so we figured we’d spare your ear holes from 40 minutes of complaining again.

With very little to take away from Iowa’s 63-0 victory over Illinois, the podcast goes off the rails in Ep. 13. Listen to us talk about:

  • our favorite touchdowns from Week 12
  • alcoholic seltzers and Nigerian princes
  • which Big Ten coaches probably should receive the axe after this season
  • Iowa basketball’s very impressive weekend in NYC
  • bachelor parties
  • an excellent anecdote from Benjamin Ross on being graded on Triple Crown race results

As always, direct all criticisms to @renboss23 and all compliments to @GospelOfMax. Thank you.

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