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The Pants Predicts: Week 10 College Football Games

Some football games this weekend are predicted here.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here are our weekly predictions, now including some random SEC games

NCAA Football: Purdue at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

#16 Iowa at Purdue

Max: Simply don’t believe in this offense right now. It’s been boom or bust, and because of the last few weeks, I’m inclined to believe it’s still bust. Purdue 21, Iowa 17.

J. Hansen: Doom and gloom time. Purdue rolls 28-14

Hello Jerry: UGH. I can’t bail on them now… but I’m worried. Nay, I’m frightened especially with Thumbgate going on. I’ll take the Hawks, but I’m not as convinced as I was this time last week. 27-26.

BoilerHawk: I honestly cannot remember what I predicted on the podcast but it feels like the weirdest game is about to play out. I’m not sure I can see Iowa running away with it despite the advantage Purdue’s pass defense presents. It’s a squeaker but the Hawks come out on top 22-20.

Doug: My niece sent something called ‘Flat Stanley’ to my mom a while back. The point was to share different experiences with her class. Last week we saw flat (Nate) Stanley, hopefully this week we see a more normal Stanley and he uses his offensive weapons to take advantage of a suspect Boilermaker defense. Iowa wins 35-21.

Ben: 24-17 Iowa

MattReisener: This is a really difficult game to get a read on. Stanley has looked downright bad the past two games, and Purdue can play with anyone when they are performing at their best. Still, Purdue’s porous pass defense gives way to a solid rebound performance by Stanley as the Hawkeyes win a close one on the road. Iowa 28, Purdue 27

Trez: As Stanley goes, we go and if he can’t get going in the right direction we won’t be going anywhere in general. I think he continues to struggle, but gets moving just enough to punch us into the endzone a few times to pull this one out. Iowa 24, Purturd 23

JPinIC: A week ago, everyone was all in on Iowa beating Penn State and I had this terrible feeling we would blow it. Now we’ve come full circle and it seems like everyone is off the Hawkeye bandwagon. I think Purdue is a tough matchup for Iowa, but I can also see this group playing with a fire we haven’t seen yet. Iowa 38, Purdue 27

Mattcabel: everything is bad and alwys is bad. Purdue 34, Iowa 33 in a third heartbreaking loss of the season that kills all interest in the program for the rest of the season

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

#1 Alabama at #3 LSU

Max: Game of the Century Pt. III. LSU 12, Alabama 10.

J. Hansen: GEAUX TIGAS. 24-21

Hello Jerry: LSU are 14.5 dogs right now… and I think I’ll still lay the points this weekend. Alabama is a lot like those things from A Quiet Place. Until they open up themselves to be vulnerable, they’re completely invulnerable. Bama wins, 42-21.

Boiler: When the world cheers against Alabama the world normally comes up disappointed. NOT TODAY. 28-27, LSU.

Doug: Alabama is too awesome. LSU is pretty tough, maybe this is the week that ‘Bama QB Tua Tagovalioa gets to play in the fourth quarter. Alabama 35-21 over LSU.

Ben: 38-14 Tua

MattReisener: Alabama is far and away the best team in the country this season, but LSU can always keep it close at home. It’s been a decade since one of Saban’s teams scored more than 21 points against LSU in Baton Rogue, but this offense with Tua is different than any offense Saban has had since arriving in Tuscaloosa. Bama 28, LSU 14

Trez: Bama is my wife’s alma mater and dare I say I enjoy watching them? I’ve seen every game for the past 5 years and this is by far and away the best team Saban has had. LSU is going to get exposed in all the ways they don’t want. Tide 45, LSU 24

JPinIC: Everyone in the SEC is overrated except Bama. @ me. Bama 42, LSU 17

Mattcabel: aint nobody beating bama this year 56, 24 roll tides

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

#13 West Virginia at #17 Texas

Max: Don’t care honestly. Texas isn’t even back but they win here. Texas 33, West Virginia 17.

J. Hansen: TexasIsBack.narrative … 42-35 Pronghorns

Hello Jerry: I don’t bet against an all the way back Texas. Hook ‘em, 31-28.

Boiler: The best Texas take is Ryen Russillo’s who says Austin is too good of a town to serve as an incubator for a great football team. They win this one - I just wanted to share the take. 34-31, Texas (PS: are both of these coaches kind of assholes?).

Doug: I don’t really know what to think about either of these teams but I have a theme going so West Virginia wins 35-21.

Ben: 24-21 Texas

MattReisener: I don’t trust Dana Holgorsen in a big game on the road, but after watching Oklahoma State torch Texas through the air last week I trust the Longhorn secondary even less. WVU 38, Texas 30

Trez: Texas defeats its third ranked team of the year in a shootout. Always remember the Alamo. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than sounding cool. Whatever. Texas wins. Texas 42, WVU 41

JPinIC: Texas was back. Then they weren’t. Were they ever really or is it just the Big 12? West Virginia 41, Texas 31

Mattcabel: i don’t want the big 12. West virginia 34, texas 10

NCAA Basketball: SEC Basketball Tipoff Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

#6 Georgia at #9 Kentucky

Max: #6 vs. #9. Pretty funny. Kentucky 47, Georgia 40.


Hello Jerry: Who is this Georgia team, Ben? WHO ARE THEY? I think we find out this weekend. I’ll take the Bulldogs, 25-17.

Boiler: No way I pick against resident Hawkeye AHMAD WAGNER. 18-17, Kentucky

Doug: Kentucky got a win they didn’t deserve last week over Missouri, this week they get their comeuppance as Georgia throttles them 35-21.

Ben: 31-10 Dawgs

MattReisener: Kentucky has one of the best defenses in all of college football, but aside from Benny Snell their offense is atrocious. Mark Stoops’ team gives the Bulldog offense some difficulties, but Kentucky can’t put enough points on the board to pull this one out. Georgia 17, Kentucky 10

Trez: I’ve been outta town for a couple weeks so I haven’t cared what Georgia does, but now that I’m heading back they need to win to keep those cranky Georgians happy. They get it done and get another top 10 win. UGA 24, UK 21

JPinIC: When I said everyone in the SEC was overrated, I meant it. But nobody is more overrated than this Kentucky team. Georgia 35, Kentucky 17

Mattcabel: im all about mayhem today so i’m going to pick kentucky because why not. 24-21 cats