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Iowa Wrestling: #3 Iowa vs. #16 Princeton Preview + Match Thread

The Hawkeyes look to mace the Tigers at home at Carver-Hawkeye Arena

NCAA Wrestling: Big Ten Wrestling Championship Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Iowa opened our season on the road in Kent, Ohio with a strong showing against Cal-State Bakersfield and Kent State. We prevailed in both duals and went a combined 19-1 in our matches. Tonight, they face a much tougher test.

Tonight, the Hawks welcome the Princeton Tigers to Carver-Hawkeye Arena in their home opener (and their season debut). General admissions tickets start at $12, so please stop by and cheer on our Hawks!

I’ve been on a Wayne’s World kick lately and every time I hear “Tiger” all I can think about is Del Preston’s hilarious tale about breaking into a sweetshop with Ozzy Osbourne and their encounter with a Bengal Tiger. So for those of you living under a rock, here ya go.

Princeton (0-0)

This is the second time in school history we have squared off against the Tigers. The only previous experiment ended in tears for them as we put them down 36-7 in Blairsville, NJ, back in 2001. We should handle them accordingly, but don’t be surprised if they manage more than 7 points this time around. These guys do have a few hammers in their lineup and have three guys in the top 20. #1 Matt Kolodzik (149lbs), #13 Pat Glory (125lbs), and #7 Pat Brucki (197lbs) look to upend a few of our big guns.

This is Princeton’s season debut as a complete lineup, even though they had a handful of guys go in the Princeton Open last week. After a strong showing last season they open up this year ranked #16.

Iowa (2-0)

We’re 2-0 on the young season, but we’re entering this dual shorthanded once again. Allegedly #6 Michel Kemerer, #11 Jacob Warner, and #1 Sam Stoll are MIA. This is two weeks in a row with three of our biggest guys out and it’s alarming to say the least. Tom Brands hinted that they were all healthy and good to go, but are day-to-day so he is using caution in the early part of the season. Kemerer may be nursing an injury, but as for Stoll and Warner it’s a bit hazier. We’ve been under the impression that Stoll was recovered from his shoot out and he’s no longer suspended, but perhaps there is a bigger issue at play here. Warner on the other hand apparently needed some rest after his one match outing at the Junior World Championships several weeks back. But damn… one match?

My snarky outlook aside, we need these guys to be healthy. We need them to be recovered and energized. We need them to be both of those things or we’re in trouble. Brands has eased his guys back into competition in the past, so let’s hope this is the case here as well.

Key Match ups:

125: Pat Glory comes in as the highest ranked freshman at 125lbs and is aiming to take down our prized champion, Spencer Lee (that’s just cute isn’t it?) Apparently Glory is a bit salty that Iowa didn’t recruit him at 125. Gee, I wonder why? Either way, Glory will find no glory in his beat down by the hands of the Leegend tonight. His #13 ranking will suffer because of it too.

149: #1 Kolodzik has gone against #8 Lugo before in the past and that didn’t go well for him either. Both times. At least years Midlands Lugo flattened Kolodzik in 4:38 and also teched him 14-4 in the U23 National Freestyle Championships. So far, Lugo has had his number, so let’s see if it continues. Unfortunately, Kolodzik went on a tear after that Midlands pin and even upset Brandon Sorensen in March and went on to get 3rd at the NCAA’s. Lugo needs a nice bounce back after his defeat last week and I can’t imagine a bigger one than knocking off the #1 ranked guy in the country.

184: Kevin Parker is a fringe top 20 wrestler so Cash could have his hands full. Let’s hope Cash Money stays on the prowl, doesn’t get a chubby head, and stalks some bunny rabbits. In this case that rabbit goes by the name of Kevin Parker. Chomp, chomp, chomp, do it to it Wilcke.

197: Princeton’s #7 Pat Brucki is a returning NCAA qualifier and is already 5-0 on the season after running the table at the Princeton Open. I think Bowman is the technically better wrestler over Corbin, but he is bumping up a weight, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Corbin get greenlight tonight. Either way, it’ll be a fun match and we’ll get to see how our backups fair against elite competition.

Projected Lineup:

125: #1 Spencer Lee vs. #13 Pat Glory

133: #8 Austin DeSanto vs. Jonathan Gomez

141: #17 Max Murin vs. Marshall Keller

149: #12 Pat Lugo vs. #1 Matt Kolodzik

157: #15 Kaleb Young vs. Quincy Monday

165: #4 Alex Marinelli vs. Dale Tiongson

174: Myles Wilson vs. Travis Stefanik

184: #13 Cash Wilcke vs. Kevin Parker

197: Connor Corbin/ Mitch Bowman vs. #7 Pat Brucki

285: Aaron Costello vs. Obinna Ajah

Broadcast Info

Dual Time: 7:00PM CST vs Princeton // November 16, 2018

Location: Carver-Hawkeye Arena // Iowa City, Iowa

TV/ Online: Flowrestling ($)

Radio: AM800 KXIC (iHeartRadio) // Hawkeye All Access ($)