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So here’s the thing: it took us 11 weeks to fully grasp how truly awful this Iowa team is. The fact we couldn’t truly capitalize on the monetary gains to be had on this hapless Hawkeye squad is nothing short of tout malpractice and I’ll shoulder all that blame.

Just because I don’t know jack shit about Iowa doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about here, though. So while we may not take any pleasure in watching this Iowa team, we’re going to have to throw some skin in order to stomach the other average games going on this weekend.

Let’s watch Cincinnati football!

Ohio State -15 at Maryland

Just take it, trust me.

Syracuse +10 at Notre Dame

This just feels like the kind of game Notre Dame loses, doesn’t it? Ian Book is back, but I think Eric Dungey is the type of quarterback who can dunk all over Notre Dame, the Irish have one of those games every year. Think about it this way: if Malik Rosier can do it, Dungey can.

Washington State -10.5 vs. Arizona

A night game in Pullman spells bad things for the Wildcats. Washington State needs to end the season with an exclamation point to earn style points in the scheme of the postseason and I think the Cougs offense is just gonna be firing on all cylinders here.

Cincinnati +7.5 at UCF

I don’t know how people actually think UCF is good and if you’re following along you’ll notice we’re undefeated betting against UCF the past three weeks. The fact I called that out all but guarantees that streak will end this weekend.

Boston College -1 at Florida State

Boston College isn’t actually that bad! Just don’t look at the box score from when played Clemson last week, oh no hoo boy that is BAD. But Florida State is horrible and ‘Dazio is gonna make football great again in the greater Boston area, a place sorely lacking quality football of any kind.