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Iowa Wrestling Announces Wrestle-off Lineup

The two day event kicks off Nov 1 & 2

NCAA Wrestling: DI Wrestling Championships Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As we here at BHGP continue to breakdown and inaccurately predict our season, we’re getting incredibly close to the first dual. In fact, we’re so close that wrestle-offs are happening Thursday and Friday, Nov 1 and 2 at 3:30 (God’s Time). Admission is free and it’s being held at the Dan Gable Wrestling Complex inside Carver. So if anybody is around and interested please swing by and get a closer look at our guys before they officially begin the Great Ass Kicking Tour of 2018. Here be the schedule.

Here’s the two day lineup of matches courtesy of

Thursday, Nov. 1

Match 1- 141 lbs Justin Stickley vs. Cam Shaver

Match 2- 157 lbs Danny Murphy vs Keegan Shaw

Match 3- 157 lbs Jeremiah Moody vs Joe Kelly

Match 4- 157 lbs Kaleb Young vs Preston Stephenson

Match 5- 125 lbs Perez Perez vs Aaron Cashman

Match 6- 133 lbs Paul Glynn vs Austin DeSanto

Match 7- 141 lbs Carter Happel vs Max Murin

Match 8- 149 lbs Patricio Lugo vs Zach Axmear

Match 9- 165 lbs Nelson Brands vs Tristan McDonald

Match 10- 184 lbs Myles Wilson vs To be determined

Match 11- 184 lbs Mitch Bowman vs Cash Wilcke

Match 12- 197 lbs Connor Corbin vs Cade Brownlee

Match 13- 285lbs Anthony Cassioppi vs Aaron Costello

Match 14- 141 lbs Vince Turk vs Winner of Stickley/Shaver

Match 15- 157 lbs Jeren Glosser vs Winner of Murphy/Shaw

Match 16- 157 lbs Winner of Moody/Kelly vs Winner of Young/Stephenson

Friday, Nov. 2

Match 1-125 lbs Spencer Lee vs Winner of Perez/Cashman

Match 2- 133 lbs Paul Glynn vs Austin DeSanto

Match 3- 141 lbs Winner of Happel/Murin vs Winner of Turk vs Stickley/Shaver

Match 4- 149 lbs Pat Lugo vs Zach Axmear

Match 5- 157 lbs Winner of Match 15 vs Winner of Match 16

Match 6- 165 lbs Winner of Brands/McDonald vs Alex Marinelli

Match 7- 184 lbs Myles Wilson vs TBD

Match 8- 184 lbs Mitch Bowman vs Cash Wilcke

Match 9- 197 lbs Winner of Corbin/Brownlee vs Jacob Warner

Match 10- TBD

The two days are full of some interesting matchups and some interesting weight changes.

125: Our returning NCAA Champ, Spencer Lee, is also getting in on the action Friday as he goes against the winner of Perez/ Cashman. No offense to these guys, but it’ll be a beat down and a 7 minute drill of how to tech/ pin somebody.

133: It appears the only two horses in the race at 133lbs are Austin DeSanto and Paul Glynn. I’m a bit disappointed to see the glaring omission of Jason Renteria, so it must be true that he’s officially redshirting. I was hoping he’d still get the greenlight and only throw on the shirt if he lost the wrestle-offs. I’d say this is definitely DeSanto’s weight at this point. This is could be similar to Lee’s match.

141: Cam Shaver and Justin Stickley are both listed on the roster at 133lbs but are bumping up to give it a go at 141lbs as they square off against each other. I still think Max Murin and Vince Turk are the two leading candidates, but we’ll see if they can hold serve. Regardless of who wins, Turk definitely won’t be in the lineup for the 1st dual of the year because he is suspended.

149: With everyone departing this class on the roster, it definitely looks like Lugo’s weight to lose. Perhaps he has it locked up so tight they left for greener pastures?

157: Likewise, Jaren Glosser is going northward from 149lbs to 157lbs to face off with the winner of Danny Murphy and Keegan Shaw.

Also, Jeremiah Moody is cutting some weight from 165lbs to 157lbs in hopes of taking out front runners Kaleb Young and Glosser. Jeremiah Moody might be my dark horse starting lineup contender, especially after how he performed this summer in freestyle.

165: Here’s another interesting battle between Alex Marinelli and true freshman Nelson Brands. I fully expect this to be a one-sided affair at the expense of Brands. But maaaaaybe, just maybe, Brands might surprise us this early in his career.

174: Ahh. Well. There just ain’t no one here. This will be Michael Kemerer’s spot by the time we start this season. He’s climbing up from 157.

184: This is clearly between Cash Wilcke and Mitch Bowman, both who started last year and both were NCAA qualifiers.

197: The winner of Connor Corbin/ Cade Brownlee will faceoff with Jacob Warner. This is will also be similar to Lee’s match, but with larger bodies.

285: Other than J-Ren the biggest omission is Sam Stoll at heavyweight. Hopefully, Tom n’ Terry Brands and staff are exercising caution and withholding him, considering he’s suspended for the CSU Bakersfield and Kent State dual anyways. Hopefully, this isn’t a bad omen that he’s still healing. Hopefully, he’s good to go and hopefully we don’t have to potentially burn Anthony Cassioppi’s redshirt.

Anyways ladies and germs, wrestling season is officially here. Now we can officially get excited about Iowa sports again!