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The Pants Predicts: Week 9 College Football Games

Hawks, Cougs, and the World’s Largest Outoor Cocktail Party.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
NCAA Football: Maryland at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

#19 Iowa at #18 Penn State

Max: Iowa is better team than they were last year and Penn State is a worse team. The script flips, but then people will continue to talk about how Iowa hasn’t played anyone. Hawkeyes 24, Nittany Lions 21.

Ben: 31-20 Iowa

BoilerHawk: On the podcast I predicted a 38-34 Iowa win but I think the impending rain is to Iowa’s benefit and perhaps significantly so. But it also means a more Ferentzian game. 21-20, Iowa

Jerry: I haven’t felt this good about a game, on the road, in sloppy conditions since, well, I don’t really know when. Iowa is winning this game 24-17 right after Northwestern beats Wisconsin.

Doug: As a contrarian investor, seeing many of the “experts” jumping on the Hawkeye bandwagon this week can’t help but make me worry. I wouldn’t lay any money on the game but my heart says the Hawkeyes prevail 27-20.

JPinIC: I’m almost always the optimist. I love what I’ve seen from this Iowa team lately and I’ve been pretty outspoken in my dislike for James Franklin for a while. I think what we’ve seen in terms of underperformance so far this season is just the beginning of his life post Moorhead and Barkley. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as hell about this game. Everyone seems to be in on Iowa pulling out the W and that’s where my heart is, but I have to hedge my happiness. Penn State 27, Iowa 24

Mattcabel: I’m back to my nihilistic Hawkeye fandom ways. Iowa loses another heartbreaker to the Nittany Lions. 27-24, PSU

MattReisener: This was the one game I had penciled in as a sure loss during the preseason, but I legitimately think Iowa is the better team. The road environment scares me quite a bit, as does McSorley’s moxie. But the defense comes up big and Stanley gets a signature road win. Iowa 24, Penn State 21

NCAA Football: Florida at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

#9 Florida vs. #7 Georgia

Max: Hawaiian Punch and grain alcohol is 100% a cocktail, but I also drink Malort. Georgia 31, Florida 16.

Ben: 27-17 Georgia

Boiler: Just because it’s The World’s Largest Cocktail Party doesn’t make Hawaiian Punch + grain alcohol a cocktail. 24-13, Georgia

Jerry: Sorry Ben, but Florida is still a home away from home. Go Gata, 20-17.

Doug: I can’t rally behind the Gators yet due to their putrid performances over the past few years. Even if 1989 Emmitt Smith showed up, I still have the Bulldogs big 30-10.

JPinIC: I’ve been a non-believer in Florida all season and really liked Georgia. Then they went and lost. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, ah the hell with it. Georgia 24, Florida 17

Mattcabel: how in the hell is florida ranked No. 9 in the country? 19-9, Georgia.

MattReisener: Georgia 27, Florida 17

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

#14 Washington State at #24 Stanford

Max: Washington State is going to the College Football Playoff. Wazzu 38, Stanford 13.

Ben: 44-27 Wazzu

Boiler: Are we sure Stanford is good? 42-21, Washington State

Jerry: Stanford might score a season high in points and still lose this game. Plus, I made the mistake of beating against Wazzu last week and I will not make that same mistake again. Wazzu wins, 48-33.

Doug: If this was volleyball, I would take Stanford 25-18 so I’ll just stick with that score.

JPinIC: We all love us some Wazzou. Who doesn’t? How could you not? But here’s the thing. This is what they do - they build up your hopes and then crush them like a goddamn grape. Stanford 28, Washington State 27

Mattcabel: wazzu I guess. 47, 42 WSU

MattReisener: After one of the biggest wins in program history last week, this matchup on the road against a physical Stanford team shows all the signs of a letdown game. Stanford 32, Washington State 27

NCAA Football: Illinois at Wisconsin USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

#8 South Dakota State at #9 Illinois State
OR Hawaii at Fresno State
OR #20 Wisconsin at Northwestern
Choose your own adventure.

Max: I’ll pick all three games. Give me South Dakota State, the Fightin’ Hawaiians, and NORTHWESTERN. All Pat Fitzgerald does is win one possession games, how can people not see that?

Ben: 22-17 Sconnie

Boiler: Let’s get a little wild with some FCS action. 31-24, Illinois State (If no one else selects ad different game: I’ll be honest, we - other than Jerry - don’t give Northwestern enough credit in the Big Ten race. I think Fitz keeps this close and pulls it out at home. 17-16, Northwestern. PS: Will Wisconsin be better WITHOUT Hornibrook?)

Jerry: I said it above and I’ve said it all season long… NORTHWESTERN IS BETTER THAN WE THOUGHT. They are winning this game and the Notre Dame game before coming into Iowa City with College Gameday on the scene for the defacto Big Ten West Championship game. Give me the Fitzgerald’s, 27-24 with a late field goal to seal the deal.

Doug: For the gamblers out there, Hawaii and Fresno State have historically kept their games fairly close with 5 of the past 7 resulting in wins of less than ten points. While this game may not be as close, take Hawaii and the 24 points in this one. Fresno State 45, Hawaii 24.

JPinIC: Iowa needs Wisconsin to lose a conference game to have any real hope at a return to Indy. Wisconsin is likely to be without QB Alex Hornibrook. Alex Hornibrook was incredible against Iowa. Alex Hornibrook is also not a very good football player (see: every game except the Iowa game this year). Wisconsin 17, Northwestern 13

Mattcabel: northwestern is not good folks. They’re northwestern. 24-10, Wisconsin.

MattReisener: I’m still not convinced this Northwestern team is “good”, but their gritty style of play and Pat Fitzgerald’s coaching make them likely to get at least one head-scratching “how did this happen again?” win per season. This is not that win. Wisconsin dominates time-of-possession and wins in a slugfest. Wisconsin 20, Northwestern 17