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The Pants Predicts: Week 8 College Football Games

Iowa vs. Maryland, LSU vs. Miss St., and more.

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we predict: Iowa vs. Maryland. Nebraska vs. Minnesota. LSU vs. Mississippi State. Duke at Virginia. Can Iowa stand up a run-heavy Terps team? Will Nebraska get their first win of the season? Is LSU the second best team in the country? Duke vs. Virginia????

Here are our predictions. There are many like them, but these ones are certainly ours.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Maryland Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland at #19 Iowa

Max: After two straight games where Iowa scored over 40 points, I think we revert back to the mean in this one. I made a prediction on the podcast and unlike the other two dorks, I’m not straying from it. Iowa 24, Maryland 17.

J. Hansen: Turtle stew. Let’s get it. 35-24 Iowa

BoilerHawk: I think Iowa gets it started early but tries to eke it out the rest of the way. The defense comes up big and helps extend the lead. 28-6, Iowa

Mattcabel: Iowa wins, I think. Should I be nervous about this game? 32-24, Hawks.

Ben: 27-17 Iowa

Hello Jerry: I’m nervous. I’m very very nervous this is going to be a trap and its going to ruin everything going into Penn State week. But, I still think Iowa prevails with one of those “it was closer than the final score shows” type wins. 34-24.

Doug Saye: I like the fact that we can think that the Hawks may score 30 on any given week. The old days of the over/under being 40 are gone. Hawks provide the ingredients for a great homecoming weekend in Iowa City winning 37-20.

MattReisener: Maryland is JUST different enough from any other team on Iowa’s schedule to give them some trouble, especially during the first half. But Iowa’s DL and running game take over late in the game. Iowa 35, Maryland 20

Trez: Our defense picks us up early with a couple timely turnovers and our reborn offensive coordinator is going to keep the ball rolling. We continue our 40+ point streak and flush these turds away. For the first time in my life I’m optimistic! Iowa 45, Turtles 23.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota at Nebraska

Max: I.. I think Nebraska wins this weekend? They’ve looked better as of late and they’re playing the team that’s most similar to them in terms of talent and history, so I’ll give them the nod. Nebraska 23, Minnesota 10.

J. Hansen: Scott Frost gets his first win of the season. In week 8. 42-30 Nebraska

Boiler: I cannot bring myself to pick Nebraska even though I think they might just win this one. 28-27, Minnesota

Mattcabel: This game is going to be so bad. 21-17, Minnesota.

Ben: 30-10 Nebraska

Hello Jerry: I really want the good people at Barley’s in Council Bluffs to have free beer this week, but I also want Nebraska to keep losing. I’ll take those boat rowers, 30-24.

Doug Saye: Hopefully Nebraska finds another interesting way to lose the game. With that said, I wouldn’t want to play them in late November with them still needing their first win so I’ll let them have one over the Gophers. Nebraska 35-31.

MattReisener: It’s easy to imagine Minnesota being somewhat deflated after missing their shot against Ohio State last week, but it’s tough to be any less inflated than the Huskers are after an 0-6 start. Minnesota 31, Nebraska 24

Trez: I can’t bring anything knew to the Frost “hell has frozen over” joke, but it does seem like Nebraska has literally separated from earth and is drifting further away from our world. I bet it’s tough to play at absolute zero and no gravity. Minnesota 38, Frozen Corn 24.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

#22 Mississippi State at #5 LSU

Max: The people think this game will be close. It really won’t be though. LSU 38, MSU 21.

J. Hansen: Geaux Tigas 27-20 LSU

Boiler: There’s a hint of letdown to start this game but LSU course-corrects and wins a tight one. 24-21, LSU

Mattcabel: I shouldn’t have doubted my guy Coach O. 34, 21 LSU.

Ben: 31-17 LSU

Hello Jerry: LSU CANNOT BE STOPPED. Tigers, 27-17

Doug Saye: LSU surprised me last week, can’t pick against them at home. Tigers 24-13.

MattReisener: Is Ed Orgeron secretly a good coach? The debate will continue for at least another week. LSU 20, Miss St 14

Trez: I think LSU is still partying after they destroyed Georgia’s season. Now they’re going to destroy their own. At least I hope/ want them to. Miss St’s defense and offense both show up. Miss St 27, LSU 24.

NCAA Football: Duke at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia at Duke

Max: The score of this game will resemble that of a Virginia-Duke basketball game. Virginia 49, Duke 45.

J. Hansen: Duke by a touchdown.

Boiler: Duke gets it going on the ground and wins this one behind a raucous crowd who thought they were actually attending a basketball scrimmage. 30-20, Duke

Mattcabel: these schools have football teams? 32, 24 Duke.

Ben: 21-17 Virginia?

Hello Jerry: BLAH. Duke wins. Who cares what the score is.

Doug Saye: I picked up Virginia QB Bryce Perkins for my Yahoo! College Fantasy team this week since all the other QBs seem to have a bye. With that said, it probably means Duke wins 31-12.

MattReisener: Now here’s a former Ole Miss head man who we KNOW is actually a good coach. Few if any coaches in the Power 5 to more with less than David Cutcliffe. Duke 27, Virginia 17

Trez: Duke hasn’t beaten Virginia in 4 years and that ends this weekend. With a home date and a Cavalier losing streak to snap they get the job done. Duke 34, Virginia 20.