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Drive home safely!

The Daily Iowan

Well, that was fun. If you weren’t watching the Vikings and Saints Sunday afternoon, you were treated to some good old fashioned Iowa wrestling. Pace, takedowns, tenacity were all on display in varying degrees, leading to wins at six weights and a huge victory for Iowa in Carver-Hawkeye.

If you were watching the NFL, not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Spencer Lee began the dual with a real frenzy, picking up four back points in the first period and putting a hell of a ride on Nick Piccininni to get the crowd energized. The tank looked emptier in the latter two periods, however, and the Cowboy managed to keep things to a decision, as it looked like Lee might waltz his way to a major.

Unfortunately he didn’t, because Iowa really could’ve used an extra tally to mitigate the lack of productivity at 133 and 141. That’s something we’ll discuss in the coming weeks, but for the Hawkeyes to do anything meaningful in the postseason, someone needs to take the bull by the horns at those weights. Laux was very uninspiring, but Turk did wrestle the two-time NCAA Champ well.

Enter Brandon Sorensen. In one of the best matches I’ve seen him wrestle during his time at Iowa, he used eight (!!) takedowns to pick up five points for the Hawkeyes (you’re welcome Laux, Turk), which was absolutely fantastic. More of that type of wrestling, Brandon!

As Michael Kemerer kept things going against a turtling Blaylock, the Pokes lost a team point for a second bench warning. Head coach John Smith wasn’t explosive in the behavior that caused the shave, but whatever he said must’ve rubbed the ref the wrong way. With that and Kemerer’s decision, the Hawkeyes took an 11-6 lead into the break.

In perhaps the most evenly-fought bout of the afternoon, Alex Marinelli looked tough as nails, using a second-period takedown and one in the waning moments for good measure. The first was absolutely beautiful. Rodgers got in on a shot in the first minute, but couldn’t get around the freshman for points. Rather, Marinelli worked his head to the top before turning the corner for two points. Good stuff.

Joey Gunther put together a respectable match at 74, but was ultimately outlasted by Jacobe Smith. Luckily Mitch Bowman decided to wrestle the best match of his Iowa career, outwilling Cowboy Keegan Moore — who spent a ton of time running to the edge of the mat — en route to a 10-6 victory. Not to bring #grit into the wrestling world, but it was about as gritty of a win as it gets.

We’ll see if all-world pud Pat Downey becomes a thing next weekend. If he does, Bowman had his time before he’s replaced.

In the final two matches, Okie State’s Preston Weigel dominated Iowa’s Cash Wilcke, and Sam Stoll pulled out an overtime victory over Derek White to pick up the W over a top-10 opponent.

All in all, a great dual for the Hawkeyes, we’ll have more this week.

Enjoy your evening, and Go Jags.

No. 3 Iowa 20, No. 7 Oklahoma State, 12

125 / No. 10 Spencer Lee dec. No. 6 Nick Piccininni, 10-5
133 / No. 7 Kaid Brock major dec Phil Laux, 16-6
141 / No. 3 Dean Heil dec. Vince Turk, 4-0
149 / No. 2 Brandon Sorensen tech fall No. 14 Boo Lewallen, 23-8
157 / No. 2 Michael Kemerer dec. No. 24 Jonce Blaylock
165 / No. 8 Alex Marinelli dec. No. 9 Chandler Rodgers, 5-2
174 / No. 14 Jacobe Smith dec. No. 23 Joey Gunther, 3-1
184 / Mitch Bowman dec. Keegan Moore, 10-6
197 / No. 4 Preson Weigel dec. No. 2 Cash Wilcke, 6-0
HWT / No. 3 Sam Stoll dec. No. 10 Derek White, 6-4