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The Pants Predicts: Week 2 Big Ten Conference Football Games

Last week was easy. This week, there’s some more intrigue.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week two of the college football season, and after a lackluster slate of games during the first week of the season, we get a few games that should be more competitive this go-around. Rutgers faces someone it can probably handle, Purdue isn’t facing a top-20 team, and Ohio State hosts another top-five team in Oklahoma. It should all be really fun.

Here are our standings after one week. Ben got penalized quite a bit after he refused to pick half the games in Week 1, and well, it doesn’t look like things are going to improve much for him this week. Jonah is the only perfect one heading into the second week of football, with a handful of us trailing closely behind. In case you forgot, the loser has to watch and blog about a terrible, awful football game, to be determined.

JPinIC: 13-0
Boilerhawk: 12-1
JP Scott: 12-1
GospelofMax: 11-2
Mattcabel: 11-2
Jordyhansen: 11-2
Hello Jerry: 9-4
BenjaminRoss: 7-6

And now, onto the picks.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa at Iowa State - 11am on ESPN2

Max: I said that Iowa is going to win 31-10 and I’m standing by that prediction. Three rushing touchdowns for the Hawks and one through the air from Stanley. You can decide where the final one comes from.

Jordan: For the life of me, I don’t see how anyone could think Iowa can lose this game

J.P. Scott: Two straight weeks of the Hawkeye defense keeping opponents out of the end zone. Iowa rolls 28-6.

JPinIC: This is such a pain in the ass. ISU is a hot pile of garbage and they will still make it close. How amazing was it last year to get zero credit for pummeling these clowns into submission and know they will just be back this year acting like it never happened. I hate this game so. Damn. Much. Iowa 27, Iowa State 17.

Matt: 28-24, Iowa - This one could be rough. Hey Ben, what’s the over under? Because I’d take the under if I were you....

God, this game was awful.

BoilerHawk: The more I think about it, the more I think if Iowa plays their game, they’ll win. The defense just looked so good and I think BUTWAD can wreak havoc up the middle. But it’ll still be close. Iowa 24 - ISU 20

Hello Jerry: Iowa State’s got the weapons on the outside to make this a contest. It will be interesting to see if Iowa will sub out Bo Bower to play more Nickel to prevent the playmakers from running by our linebackers in coverage. I’m a little concerned with Nate Stanley handling what should be a loaded box. Can he make more plays down field to open up the run game? Can a healthier, more experienced line make massive improvements from this past weekend?

We soon shall see. Either way, I’m too much of a homer to pick our little brother. Hawkeyes 30- Cyclones 24.

RobDonaldson: This is one of the more talented Cyclone teams in recent memory, so 42-3 is probably not replicable score. With that said, I do think the Hawks go into Ames and roll to a pretty decisive victory. Iowa 31, Iowa State 17.

Ben: I don’t think anyone in the world hates Iowa State more than Brian Ferentz. He won’t let this team lose. Iowa 31, State 10.

NCAA Football: Louisville vs Purdue Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio at Purdue - FRIDAY at 7pm on FS1

Max: Purdue is already much improved from last year! Under Darrell Hazell, they’d have lost that game against Louisville be 300. Instead, they’ll handle Ohio with ease in Week 2. Purdue 35, Ohio 10.

Jordan Hansen: Up until now, I’ve called Purdue, Purdon’t. That might change in the near future.

JP Scott: Look for the fighting Frank Solich’s of Ohio to derail this miniature Boilermaker hype train. Ohio 30, Purdue 27

JPinIC: I think Purdue surprised a lot of people with their performance last week. Not so much for me. I had them hanging with Louisville, but I was surprised to see them hold Louisville and Lamar Jackson to only 35 points (LOL at “only”). I expect this team to regularly put up more than 28. If they can hold teams under 35 they will win some games, including this one. OMHR 42, THEE Ohio University 17

Matt Cabel: 31-24, Purdue. Like many others, I came out of last weekend wondering “Is the Purdue offense actually good? Or is Louisville kinda bad?” Well, that remains to be seen. We are talking about Purdue, after all. But this Ohio squad put up a 59-0 victory last weekend...over HBCU Hampton, who I don’t think is a football powerhouse. I guess I’ll take Purdue? This is an odd feeling.

Hello Jerry: Purdue almost beat the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and that was the most exciting thing that will happen all season for the Fightin’ Darrell Hazell’s: A Column. Ohio 24, Purdue 21.

BoilerHawk: No one came out and said it, but I know people were laughing when I declared Purdue a dark horse. I’m with JPinIC - they’re gonna be in a lot of barn burners and this will still be one of them. Purdue 42 - Ohio 35

RobDonaldson: Last season, Ohio had quite a bit of talent on both sides of the ball and Purdue … well … didn’t. With that said, am I crazy for thinking the Boilermakers may be turning over a new leaf? Purdue 38, Ohio 24.

Ben Ross: I think it’s time to start getting worried about Purdue. Boilers 33, Ohio 10

NCAA Football: Utah State at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Atlantic at #9 Wisconsin - 11am on BTN

Max: Remember when Russell Wilson spiked the ball with zero seconds on the clock in the 2012 Rose Bowl? What a moment. Wisconsin 61, Florida Atlantic 13.

Jordan: Can’t we talk about how Wisco is scheduling cupcakes? Smh. Badgers by a million.

JP Scott: When Lane Kiffin cries, angels sing. Badgers roll 43-6.

JPinIC: Sconny had their struggles early against Utah State and that might give some people pause. It shouldn’t. Wisconsin 38, FAU 10

Matt: 34-14, Wisconsin - As much as I would like to think that some of the old stars of Last Chance U season 2 can make this interesting, the Owls getting crushed by Navy last weekend changed my mind. Give me the Badgers.

Hello Jerry: There is no need to panic over the Badgers offense starting slow to start their game against Utah State. My man Alex Hornibrook finished the contest with three touchdowns and 244 yards through the air. They were 8-12 on third downs. They ran for almost as many yards as they passed for (234). Wisconsin is Wisconsin. Badgers give Lane Kiffin the business as I laugh for three straight hours. 45-10 Bucky..

BoilerHawk: Screw Lane Kiffin. Wisconsin 60 - FAU 10

RobDonaldson: Believe it or not, I actually find Lane Kiffin to be entertaining both on and off the field; in sort of a “bad guy” of college football sort of way. However, last week, his team looked about as an unimpressive as expected. Expect them to get rolled here. Wisconsin 48, FAU 7.

Ben: Wisconsin has like the same schedule Iowa did back in 2015. Sconnie 55, FAU 17

NCAA Football: Navy at Florida Atlantic Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati at #8 Michigan - 11am on ABC

Max: Jabrill Peppers is going to have at least three touchdowns in this one for the Wolverines because he’s an all-around weapon that can’t be stopped. Should be fun to watch the reigning Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year defend his title in Week 2. Michigan 35, Cincinnati 22.

Jordan: Kill me, but the Fightin’ Harbaugh’s looked good against Florida, which means they should beat Cincinnati (I still don’t know what a Bearcat is) by ∞.

JP Scott: I feel like my TV will revert to regular definition if I watch this game. Michigan wins 44-10

JPinIC: The Fightin’ Khakis didn’t have much trouble dispensing with the #17th ranked team in the county on a neutral site last week. I doubt they do with Cincinnati. That school up north 42, Cincinnata 13

Matt: 42-24, Michigan - Rough start for the Wolverines, both in the playmaking department and uniform department, but a win’s a win. The same thing will happen here, but with better uniforms and a better performance overall.

Hello Jerry: Harbaugh cannot be happy with how Wilton Speight played against Florida. BUT, he has to be ecstatic with his defense that made life miserable for Malik Zaire and Feleipe Franks. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, we have to remember that the Florida Gators haven’t really been known for their striking offense since Urban Meyer left town. Unfortunately for all of us, we won’t know if this Wolverines D is elite for another week or two because Cincinnati’s offense is just as BAD (248 yards against Austin Peay last week). Michigan 42, Cincinnati 10.

BoilerHawk: You know, Michigan’s defense held Florida to 3 points. People forget that. Michigan 35 - Cincinnati 7 - Wilt Sixes: 1

RobDonaldson: Despite pulling out the W last Saturday, there are a lot more questions than answers surrounding this Michigan program heading into this week’s contest. There’s no way the Wolverines should lose this game but exactly how dominant will they be? Michigan 42, Cincinnati 17.

Ben: Cincy just barely beat Austin Peay. Michigan a million, Cincy 0.

NCAA Football: Nevada at Northwestern Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern at Duke - 11am on ESPNU

Max: I just really hope we get a crowd shot of someone in the bleachers reading a newspaper. Northwestern 23, Duke 14.

Jordan: I still can’t believe jNW almost lost to Nevada. I’ll take them here though.

JP Scott: Last week’s scare was good for Northwestern. Thorson drops bombs and the Wildcats win 31-21

JPinIC: I’m not certain this one actually gets played as I assume both schools will be busy studying. But if it does, I’ll take jNW 24-17.

Matt: 24-21 DUKE - I hate Duke but I can’t deny that David Cutcliffe is taking this program in the right direction. P.S. jNW is bad.

BoilerHawk: Yesss, let the cup of “j”s runneth over. Duke 21 - jNW 20

Hello Jerry: #NeverjNW. Duke, I don’t know, 24 to 17… I guess?

RobDonaldson: I was a big fan of the talent the Wildcats possessed coming into the season and despite the scare against Nevada last Saturday I’m still a fan of their talent. jNW 34, Duke 24.

Ben: Gimme DOOOK.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Towson at Maryland - 11am on BTN

Max: I think Maryland is going to surprise a lot of people after last week’s victory against Texas, and this one should be even easier. Maryland 49, Towson 24.

Jordan: One time I dreamt Maryland wasn’t an embarrassment to the Big Ten. Oh wait, they beat Texas? That really was the best thing to happen on Saturday after Iowa bitchmade Josh Allen. Terps.

J.P. Scott: Back-to-back 50 burgers for the Terps. 59-16, Maryland.

JPinIC: MARYLAND IS GOING TO WIN THE EAST. Or something like that. They looked damn good against a vastly overreted Texas team. Fightin Flags 52, Towson 17.

Matt: 34-17, Maryland - I was very wrong about Maryland last week!

BoilerHawk: It would be the most Maryland thing to come out and lay a turd at midfield against the (/Googles) Tigers but, I’ll cut them a break! Maryland 31 - Townson 14

HelloJerry: Maryland wins a game I won’t know anything about until I see the ticker on the bottom of the screen flash. Let’s say, Terps 49,Towson 12.

RobDonaldson: Quarterback Tyrrell Pigrome going down with a torn ACL is very unfortunate for a Terrapin offense that looked seriously electric at times last week in their win over Texas. Although they still have star running back Todd Johnson in the backfield, their offense will certainly take a hit moving forward. However, this week, they should be able to go out and handle their business. Maryland 35, Towson 14.

Ben: Maryland just take em.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh at #4 Penn State - 2:30pm on ABC

Max: Iowa fans, too, know what it’s like to be told they aren’t rivals with someone in their geographic area. I just want a reason to post this picture because it’s very Nebraska-esque. Penn State 41, Pitt 17.

Jordan: Wow, Pittsburgh almost lost to Bo Pelini’s Youngstown State team… NOT GREAT.

JP Scott: I don’t know if anyone truly understands just how good Penn State is. 49-13, PSU.

JPinIC: Penn State looks good, ya’ll. Real good. PSU 42, Pitt 20.

Matt: 47-24, Penn State. Sorry @iamspilly

BoilerHawk: James Franklin was on his way out after losing to Pittsburgh last year. People forget that, too. PSU 49 - Pittsburgh 14

Hello Jerry: Saquon Barkley sends the Panthers back to their Ketchup Palace with their tails tucked between their legs. Penn State 55, Pitt 17.

RobDonaldson: This game was a lot of fun to watch this year and although many people are predicting a blowout, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Penn State 42, Pittsburgh 32.

Ben: I really, really, REALLY want to pick Pitt. So I’m going to.

NCAA Football: William & Mary at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana at Virginia - 2:30pm on ACC Network

Max: This is actually a kind of intriguing game. Virginia isn’t really good, but the game is on the road which adds some sort of intrigue to the contest. Lagow throws five touchdowns and is Indiana’s leading rusher on the day. Indiana 35, Virginia 17.

Jordan: At last, Indiana gets a team they know they can beat.

JP Scott: Lagow tops 400 yards two weeks in a row. Hoosier over the Hoos, 38-16.

JPinIC:Indiana showed they can hang last week. Virginia beat the William and Mary School for the Blind 28-10. Don’t think that’ll do it. Indiana 38, Virginia 24.

Matt: 27-24, Indiana. I went ziplining in a park about 45 minutes away from the Indiana campus last weekend, and my tour guide told our group that he lost his voice from yelling at Ohio State fans while IU had the lead over the Buckeyes. Like him, I am now overly confident in the Hoosiers.

BoilerHawk: CHAOSTEAM continues. Indiana 42 - Virginia 35

Hello Jerry: Lagow my Egoooooooo. Hoosiers 31, Virginia 13.

RobDonaldson: On the scoreboard, the Hoosiers got smoked last week against The Ohio State. However, they were able to hang tough for three quarters in that ballgame and looked more than competent in doing so. Indiana 35, Virginia 17.

Ben: Hoosiers.

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Western Michigan at Michigan State - 2:30pm on BTN

Max: Western Michigan looked really good last week against Sam Darnold and the Trojans despite the loss. Michigan State looked alright enough, but if their running game is as lacking as it was last week, they won’t win. Sparty 24, Broncos 20.

Jordan: Since Western Michigan gave USC all they could handle, I’ve believed in them a bit. Not enough to pick them here though.

JP Scott: Western Michigan kicks off the Mark Dantonio farewell tour, taking down Sparty 28-24.

JPinIC: Oh baby do I want to take the Broncos here. They are finally out of the stone age and stopped rowing the damn boat and gave USC all they could handle last week on the road (263 rushing yards!!!). And I still think MSU is in for a rough year. But my perfect record is on the line and I don’t know that this is where I risk it. MSU 28, WMU 27 under protest.

Matt: This week I am once again selling my pick, this time to my friend John and our mutual friend JB. They say:

“28-24, MSU. Western Michigan coming from a hot season last year and a good start to the season last week might be a sizeable opponent for a battered and bruised Dantonio crew, but Green & White make it happen thanks to the friendly atmosphere in Spartan Stadium. [We] like the front seven on the Spartan defense, and our QB looked competent, so the better team should win here.”

BoilerHawk: Watch WMU beat Michigan State just to spite JPinIC’s perfect record. WMU 28 - MSU 27

Hello Jerry: This… is not ideal for Kirk’s arch nemesis. WMU looked WAY better than I anticipated after they got left on dry land by PJ Fleck (like JP said, THOSE RUSHING YARDS!). Screw it. WMU 24, Sparty 21.

RobDonaldson: At times last Saturday, Western Michigan legitimately looked better than USC — not joking — and despite giving up a lot of points late, they proved they were still one of the non-Power 5 programs who can hang with the big boys. With that said, I think Sparty wins this game. Michigan State 24, Western Michigan 21.

Ben: WMU.

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Eastern Michigan at Rutgers - 2:30pm on BTN

Max: Rutgers looks mediocre, which is a step up from how they looked last season. I don’t know a whole lot about EMU because it’s fun to say emu so I’ll take the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers 27, EMU 20.

Jordan: This game can only end badly for Rutgers. If they win? No one cares. If they lose? No one case. They’ll probably win, though.

JP Scott: Rutgers is going to win a football game! RU 27-7.

JPinIC: So, apparently Rutgers earned their capital R and little s back with their showing against Washington last week. I’ll admit to being surprised. I don’t think it proves they’re a force, but they earned enough respect to get a vote of confidence here. Rutgers 27, EMU 17.

Matt: 21-14, Rutgers. Why is this game televised?

BoilerHawk: Matt, the reason this game is televised is because the BTN needs #content. Rutgers 35 - EMU 14

Hello Jerry: Rutgers is better than we all thought! So much better that i’m going to pick them to win this game. Buttge… er… Rutgers 30, Eastern Michigan 13.

RobDonaldson: So, here’s the thing… Eastern Michigan isn’t actually that bad of a team and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re leading or tied at some point in the 4th. With that said, Rutgers better win this game. Rutgers 21, Eastern Michigan 17.

Ben: Eastern! Rutgers is favored, they will surely lose.

NCAA Football: Southern Utah at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska at Oregon - 3:30pm on FOX

Max: I actually consider myself to be a Ducks fan. Love the speed, love the unis, and I’ve got a family connection. Nebraska’s defense looked downright awful last week and even if they’re better this week, I doubt they’ll be significantly better to the point where they can stop Mighty Oregon’s high-powered offense. Ducks 52, Huskers 43.

Jordan: At last, the game that finally puts Mike Reily on the hotseat.

JP Scott: I don’t care what the over is. Take it. Oregon gets revenge on Riley and the Corn Peelers, 52-44.

JPinIC: Anybody not living in Lincoln watch the Huskers last week and think it was anything other than a dumpster fire? Didn’t think so. Those vaunted black shirts got TORCHED by Arkansas State (they gave up almost 500 yards of offense…. To Arkansas State…. ARKANSAS STATE). Guessing that doesn’t get better against Oregon. Quack Attack 55, Nebraska 42.

Matt: 62-31, Oregon. 100 horse-sized Oregon Duck mascots could defeat this Nebraska squad.

BoilerHawk: This game might honestly need a bigger scoreboard. Oregon 70 - Nebraska 56 - Bob Diaco post game press conferences: 0, again.

PS: It remains wild Mike Riley hitched his wagon to a transition to a 3-4 defense in the biggest year of his Nebraska tenure.

Hello Jerry: This is revenge game for the Ducks; a team that has generally whooped up on Mike Riley teams in the past. Just that in and of itself would be scary. But when you take that aspect of it and throw in the still missing Black Shirts that gave up half a millenium worth of yards against a team that is not as potent as Oregon and well that ultimately bodes well for Oregon. Ducks 52, Nebraska 38.

RobDonaldson: Last Saturday, Nebraska really struggled to shake a scrappy Arkansas State team and although Tanner Lee looked impressive at times, the Ducks are just a different beast. Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks in all of college football and with Royce Freeman still in that backfield, I expect the Ducks to take care of business. Oregon 45, Nebraska 31.

Ben: Is this game even going to be played?

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

#5 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio State - 6:30pm on ABC

Max: The Sooners are good and all, but the Horseshoe is going to be packed and loud for this matchup of two of the top teams in the country. JT Barrett has one touchdown by land and two by air, and the Buckeyes roll. Ohio State 38, Oklahoma 27.

Jordan: Thrilling as this game will be, I can’t help but take the Sooners.

JP Scott: The Sooners can push Ohio State around in ways Indiana could not. Gimme Oklahoma 27-23.

JPinIC: Indiana showed some chinks in the OSU armor last week, but I don’t think that changes anything. It might have been a wake up call. OSU 35, Oklahoma 32.

Matt: 31-27 Oklahoma. This is the first actual challenging pick in these first two weeks. Baker Mayfield looked good last weekend. JT Barrett did not. But Ohio State has speed at WR and RB that Oklahoma doesn’t. OU looks like a more complete team.

BoilerHawk: I miss Bob Stoops. Can’t wait till he comes to all the Iowa games next year when his son walks on. Oklahoma 35 - Ohio State 31

Hello Jerry: JT Barrett is NOT a good QB. I tweeted it the other night and I still mean it… if college trades were legal, Urban Meyer should trade a 5-star to be named later and Barrett for Jesse Ertz of Kansas State. At least then this offense would humm like it’s supposed to. I don’t see this getting any better any time soon. Oklahoma 35, Ohio State 24

RobDonaldson: This is the game I most excited for this week. Baker Mayfield is incredibly exciting and the playmakers on Ohio State’s offense are electric. This won’t be a blowout like last season and this game has some major playoff implications. Ohio State 42, Oklahoma 38.

Ben: I kind of like the Sooners!

NCAA Football: Ball State at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Western Kentucky at Illinois - 7pm on BTN

Max: I don’t want to pick Illinois again. I won’t. Western Kentucky 14, Illinois 7.

Jordan: Enough of this madness, it’s time for Lovie to beat the hell out of somebody. Illini by a lot.

JP Scott: I trust Lovie. And I love Dudek. Illini move to 2-0, 24-20.

JPinIC: Why are we still being forced to care enough about Illinois to pick their games? Can we just relegate them to the MAC? Seriously. The Illini escaped the wrath of Ball State last week, but I don’t think they do it two weeks in a row. They are more than a TD underdog at home to WKU. You can’t make this stuff up. WKU 27, Illinois 17. SMDH


NCAA Football: Boca Raton Bowl-Memphis vs Western Kentucky Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

BoilerHawk: Western Kentucky 3 - Illinois 2 (not a typo, screw this game)

Hello Jerry: Illinois is a dog at home by a touchdown. I’m taking the points and Lovie. 21-17.

RobDonaldson: I legitimately couldn’t care less about this game. Illinois 21, Western Kentucky 16.

Ben: Why is Illinois football?

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota at Oregon State - 9pm on FS1

Max: The #Pac12AfterDark special, and there’s a Big Ten team playing! Oregon State isn’t good. Minnesota is not good. I cannot wait to watch this entire game on Saturday night. It’s gonna be ugly. Minnesota 17, Oregon State 14.

Jordan: !!!!!!!!!! (I’ll take Minnesota, grudgingly).

JP Scott: The ho hum Buffalo outing was good for Fleck and the Gopher. They correct some errors and curb stomp a horrendous Beaver squad, 31-9.

JPinIC: I said last week I really wanted to pick against Fleck and that I’m not on any sort of water-borne vessel. That remains true. But damnit if Oregon State isn’t just awful. They got curb stomped by Colorado State and just barely escaped Portland State. As much as I think Minnesota under Fleck is going to be a total flame out, they still get another W here. Ugh. Minnesota 27, Oregon State 24.

Matt: There are definitely some holes in P.J. Fleck’s boat, but Oregon State is REALLY bad. If they can win this game, Minnesota is in big trouble. Hell, if Oregon State SCORES, Minnesota is in big trouble.

BoilerHawk: Minnesota has a good enough defense, I think. Oregon State is probably the worst football team in FBS. Boat Rowers 14 - Oregon State 10

Hello Jerry: The Flecktones really disappointed me offensively against Buffalo. With that said, I think they’ll be able to move the ball over Oregon State and get a little momentum (yeah, I believe in it) going into Middle Tennessee next week. The Fighting Flecks 30, Oregon State 10.

RobDonaldson: As a proud P.J. Fleck supporter, I think he handles business this week against an Oregon State that got trampled in week one by Colorado State and narrowly escaped Portland State in week two.

Ben: I think Minnesota wins handily.