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The hospital may be complete, but there’s still good to be done.

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Contrary to popular belief, Iowa Touchdowns for Kids is still up and running in 2017, and we at The Pants are here to support it.

We know a week has already passed us by this season, but some miscommunication between us and others led us to wrongfully believe ITD4K had run its course. I spoke with the fine folks at the UI Foundation this morning, and am here to say that not only are we thrilled to continue BHGP’s tradition of supporting this program, but to also pat you on the back — I was told that several donations on behalf of The Pants have already been made this year, and we want to thank you for that.

So, you’re probably asking that since the Stead Family Hospital has been completed—and a great new tradition has been birthed in the process—where will my donation go?

Your donations will now go to a general fund for the UI Foundation to use at its discretion. Whether that goes toward helping pay the hospital bills of patients, medical research, a new MRI machine, other amenities that make the lives of patients easier ... you can pretty much be assured your donation is going toward a good cause.

And you know the drill: you pledge a dollar amount for every touchdown Iowa scores during its 12-game regular season. You can start at $1 per touchdown and bump it up from there. The Hawkeyes score points on the field, and you score major karma points. Win freaking win.

Once the regular season finishes up, you’ll receive an invoice from the hospital, and you fulfill your tax-deductible pledge for 2017.

We know we’re a little behind here, but it’s better late than never. Iowa scored three touchdowns against Wyoming last week, so go ahead and take that into account when you make your pledge.

Enrollment can be found by clicking the link here. Please be sure to select Black Heart Gold Pants under “how did you learn about Iowa Touchdowns for Kids” so we can track how generous all of you are as the season rolls on and keep you all updated with our progress.

We all saw how special the new Kinnick wave is during the first quarter over at the Stead Family Hospital, and doing anything we can to add to that is just gravy.

ITD4K has a new sponsor this year in Atlantic Bottling Company, and I’m told that they’re helping get the word out immensely, by noting the program during home games, at Fry Fest, and elsewhere.

So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s continue doing some good.

On Iowa, and Go Hawks!