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It’s BHGP Mailbag Time With Hello Jerry

You have questions. You have concerns. You have comments. You need advice. I have the remedy.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning Pants Go-ers. Hello Jerry here. I need to ask you all a giant favor. You see, over the Labor Day Weekend (#LDW) as I was watching Iowa’s win over Wyoming I developed a fever...

... and the only prescription is your questions. Your concerns. Your comments. Your #FactsWeek hate. Your observations from the Wyoming game. Your theories. Your general nonsense that would make for great FFF posts for JPinIC and I.

I need them all.

For the remainder of the season, we will be running a mailbag/comments-bag/Twitter-bag/Advice column called “Hello Jerry”.

What is my goal? I’m so glad you asked. My hope is to take control away from those that run this very website and give it back to you... THE PEOPLE:

So send me anything and everything you got. You can put them here in the comments section. You can leave them on our Facebook page. You can hit me up @JerryScherwin on Twitter. You can email them to me ( Hell, you can even YouTube them to me and I’ll answer back with a video of my own (if there is one thing you should know about me by now is that I’m not afraid of dropping in videos and gifs despite what my editors may say).

We’ll be running these on Thursday’s so timeliness is of the highest importance for this week.

Thank you all.


Hello Jerry