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That’s not what we were hoping for.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

That wasn’t the first half result most of us thought we were getting. After last week’s gut punch loss with mere seconds on the clock, I (along with many more) believed Iowa was going to use that as fuel against Michigan State.

At the very least we thought we’d get a competitive as hell slugfest, right?

Instead, we got a borderline unwatchable first half by Iowa who looked like they had too much fun at FAC the night before.

With that said, outside of the first drive of the game, I was semi-impressed with the Iowa defense who held pretty firm despite the tremendous field position Michigan State saw for two straight quarters.

Regardless, Iowa needs to make a TON of adjustments in every single phase of the game if they hope to sneak out of East Lansing with a win.

See you all at the finish line...