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Hello Jerry Mailbag: I’ll be there for you

I may have been gone for one week, but I’m back and I’ll be there for you!

NCAA Football: North Texas at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

HELLO loyal readers. It’s me, Hello Jerry. I am back after a week of work hell to once again ask for your beautifully sarcastic, semi-serious, overtly outlandish, stone cold sober and screwball questions, comments and examinations for tomorrow’s mailbag.

There is literally nothing I can’t and wont throw into this bad boy (word limit be damned). I know you all have thoughts, problems and questions about Penn State still. I know you all have thoughts on Michigan State and whether or not Kirk Ferentz actually hates Mark Dantonio. I’m never-been-more-sure-of-anything-in-my-life, 100% positive that some of you even have THIS IS US crack pot theories about Jack’s death (i.e. murder) and why Mandy Moore’s old lady wig is a borderline tragedy.

Just know...

DAMN is Jennifer Aniston a treasure; THE RACHEL and all. That video is actually still pretty good. It’s probably because FRIENDS has stayed in our atmosphere with the NETFLIX and Chill babies who are watching it for the first time ever. Also, I can’t believe that I forgot that Pauly Shore’s look-a-like and/or stunt double from Bio Dome tickled the keys for The Rembrandts in that video.

As always you can send me anything and everything you got. You can put them in the comments section of this post. You can leave them on the BHGP Facebook page. You can hit me up @JerryScherwin on Twitter or use #HelloJerry as your hashtag. In fact, I DEPLORE you do to the latter if only to confuse the living you know what out of Jerry Blevins who thinks HE has the “#HelloJerry” corner locked down. That’s not happening on our watch.

For those without Twitter and still have an AOL account, you can email them to me as well (

We’ll be running these on Thursday so timeliness is of the highest importance.

Love you all,

Hello Jerry