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PODCAST: The Pants Party Ep. 3: North Texas Week

That Iowa State game sure was a ride, huh?

NCAA Football: Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back for the third edition of The Pants Party! Max is back on the pod this week after taking a week off and Jerry survived Hurricane Irma, so that means that you get to hear our lovely voices for at least another week.

Things we discuss on the pod this week, you ask?

  • We look back at the Iowa State game and talk about the absurd stats that Nate Stanley has accumulated through the first two starts of his career.
  • What’s wrong with Iowa’s defense, and should we be concerned about the injuries piling up?
  • What do you know about North Texas? We did 10 basic trivia questions to find out what Max knows about the University of North Texas.
  • A new segment, “Punt or Go For It,” is introduced. We dish out a few hot takes and the other gets the chance to punt on it or buy into the take.
  • Predictions for the North Texas game

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