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Iowa Football Mics Up Running Backs Akrum Wadley, James Butler at Fall Camp

The results have us thinking the possibilities are endless.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After treating us to a ridiculous hype video featuring Mike Daniels last week, Chris Ruth and Co. have hit the nail on the head again with this week’s video from fall training camp. This time, it’s a video showcasing running backs James Butler and Akrum Wadley, aka BUTWAD, and they spend a little bit of time hamming it up on camera for the viewers. They also talk a little about their journey, what they’re excited for this upcoming season, and even a bit about each other.

The Wildcat offense? SIGN ME UP. The thought of Butler, Wadley, and Toks Akinribade all sharing a backfield at the same time sure sounds like it would be interesting, especially if Wadley or Butler can throw half as well as they claim they can. I doubt it would ever happen in a Ferentzian offense, but the idea had to have been planted somehow for it to come up on camera. One has to come to the conclusion that either the coaches were talking about it or Chris Ruth planted it.

Poor Toks, though, man. First he’s being picked on by Wadley who says “I know you can’t throw,” and then when one of the coaches swings by to tell the other two running backs to go catch punts, he’s told “I know you can’t.” Dude just can’t catch a break.

Either way, if I thought the sky was the limit for this running back unit before, now I’m definitely thinking it has to be the moon.