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Free-For-All Friday Does an Open Thread: Football Season Got Me Like...

Hello Jerry and JPinIC were both on vacation this week, so rather than put up with their rambling, we want to know how you’re feeling about the upcoming Iowa Football season. In gifs.

Time to get hyped. Time to get your gif on.

JPinIC: Well Jer, nothing like waiting until the very last minute to get things done. Better late than never though, I suppose. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Hello Jerry: [audible silence]

JPinIC: Oh good Lord, you’re not even here, are you? What, some honeymoon in Hawaii is more important than rambling for thousands of words pointlessly with yours truly? Whatever, I suppose I can make a run at this on my own.

Or, better yet, I can mail it in. Yeah, that’s the ticket. You don’t come home from a week long vacation to find your partner in crime still away on his vacation and then actually do the work. No, no, no. That’s something an actual writer might do. And I am no writer. I’m just a guy pretending to be a blogger.

So instead, this week I’m turning the power over to the people in some form of a choose your own adventure novel. Only the novel is roughly 500 words long and the adventure better be you getting really hyped or you can GTFO.

So here’s the deal for this week. It’s Friday, August 4th. That officially puts us within a month of the first Hawkeye football game. There are currently 4 (count em, FOUR) Fridays between you and a tailgate at (historic) Kinnick Stadium. Here’s a quick taste of what you should be looking forward to, in case you have been living under a rock and didn’t find your way to @renboss23’s post on it earlier this week:


So, coming off of that greatness and counting down the days to Hawkeye football, I’m asking you all for the gifs that capture how you feel heading into the season (because you all know I can’t resist an opportunity to drop way too many gifs).

As a quick tutorial for those of you who don’t typically gif out like I do, you’ll need to find one you like on the interwebz and make sure the url at the top of your browser ends in .gif ( is a good place to find one, just click the copy url link once you find one you like). Just copy that, click the button in the comment section to insert a picture and paste that url. Your work here, is done.

Feeling super lazy (no judgment here, I just mailed in the whole damn post), just ask the Gif Oracle to hook you up with something.

OK, I’ll kick us off.

When I first realized we were within a month of the first game:

When I heard Iowa was getting James Butler to team up with Akrum Wadley in the backfield:

When I think about the moment you walk into the first tailgate of the year:

When I watched that video voiced by Mike Daniels:

What I’m most looking forward to this season:

And finally, my general feeling with every day that passes and we are another day closer to Hawkeye Football:

That’s all I got, how are you guys feeling?