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We got ourselves a kicker. And a quarterback.

Iowa State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Hot on the heels of announcing Nathan Stanley as the starting quarterback for Iowa’s first game of the season against Wyoming, the football team dropped a depth chart for week one:

And the defense:

Pretty, pretty interesting stuff in there. Here’s what sticks out to us at The Pants:

  • Tristan Wirfs cracking the No. 2 at RT isn’t totally unpredictable, but notable given his youth and Iowa’s track record.
  • Akrum Wadley returning kicks! I’m not totally on board with our best offensive player taking on an extra load at the return game, but Desmond King did it last year, and that worked out pretty well.
  • In that same kick-returning game, the fact that Ivory Kelly-Martin at No. 2 probably means he’s not getting a redshirt this year, and will likely see time on offense.
  • Miguel Recinos is your kicker for Iowa in 2017. Godspeed, Miguel.
  • No Adrian Falconer on the two deeps, surpassed by true freshman Brandon Smith and transfers Nick Easley and Matt Quarells.
  • Matt VandeBerg as a No. 1 WR and the punt return man means we have to presume he’s fully healthy. Let’s hope.
  • With Manny Rugamba out for this game, we have Michael Ojemudia starting at corner and Matt Hankins likely playing the nickel. The hype around Hankins is real, and there’s another shirt getting burned.
  • Speaking of burnt shirts, AJ Epenesa is cracking the two-deeps on the weak side. Matt Nelson listed as a No. 2 DT means he’s fully embracing that switch, but I bet we’ll still see him on the outside from time to time.
  • Aaron Mends back on the two deeps. Can’t wait to watch him sit for six weeks, get an opportunity to play on a drive, get a sack, then get put back in a drawer until next year.

And that’s that. What sticks out to you, dear reader?