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Gilman takes second at World Championships

Gilman is one of the best 57kg wrestlers in the world.

(AP Photo/Francois Mori)

There are a lot of great Thomas Gilman moments.

The Big Ten Championship last year comes to mind, the 31-1 record in Carver-Hawkeye, the pin of Nick Piccininni in the 2016-17 NCAA quarterfinals.

There are also a lot of disappointing Thomas Gilman moments.

Losing in the NCAA finals during the 2015-16 season, the second and fourth place finishes at the Big Ten Championship during his sophomore and junior season. It’s been an up and down career for Gilman.

On Friday, Gilman finished second at the World Championships. It’s been a long path for him to get to this point and it’s absolutely great to see him here.

His run through the tournament ended with a 6-0 loss to Japan's Yuki Takahashi but it’s a huge step forward for the young wrestler. His style translates well to the international circuit and he’s going to have a great opportunity to vye for a spot in the 2020 Olympics.

In fact, it would surprise me quite a bit if he doesn’t represent America at the weight. That’s getting a bit far ahead, but before the 6-0 loss, he had outscored opponents in the Championships 25-7. That’s impressive.

This was also the first time since 2008 the United States has medaled at 57kg, so good on Gilman for bringing some solidity to the weight. There’s certainly more ahead for him.

As one of the best wrestling programs in the country, it’s nice to see wrestling alums continue to represent the Hawkeyes on a world stage.