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WATCH: Iowa Football Mics Up Linebackers and Cornerbacks at Fall Camp

Josey Jewell and Josh Jackson see some serious face time in this week’s video.

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

We’re just over a week away from Iowa football’s opening game against Wyoming and the video production crew has hit the nail on the head once again. In the past couple weeks, we’ve seen the running backs and freshmen mic’d up, and this week’s video did not disappoint, as we get to see the linebackers and defensive backs doing their thing. Most notably, we get to see Josey Jewell, Joshua Jackson, and Bo Bower do their thing.

This is the shortest video they’ve done so far (almost half the length of the first two), but there are definitely still some gems. Jordan Lomax gives a great speech about the importance of camaraderie and how that helps a team elevate its game in order to be the best they can be each week. It’s also great to see how the senior linebacking corps is helping out some of the other players, particularly those in the secondary, and how excited they are for the upcoming season.

My favorite part of the video is probably watching Bo Bower go up against Tristan Wirfs - the freshman hasn’t suited up for a game yet and he’s getting picked on by one of the defense’s senior leaders. This must be what the bloodbath we’ve heard about sounds like.