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B1G Numbers to Ponder: AP Poll Talk and Power 5 Showdowns in Week 1

The nation’s oldest conference wasn’t shy about scheduling with the big boys during opening weekend.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson
Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes open the season with a Big Ten battle in Bloomington.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Hang in there, team — we’re almost home. Soon this weekly segment will include numbers to ponder from actual in-season games. And we’ll look at those numbers and try to use our junior high-level math aptitude to figure out what they mean. And we will fail, miserably.

For now, I’m just pulling tidbits here and there — wherever I can find them — trying to keep you entertained as you slog through the work day and sip burnt coffee.

So let’s talk numbers!

AP Poll

The AP Poll came out this past week. Not surprisingly I suppose, Iowa was not in the Top 25. But there were a few numbers that caught my eye.


This was Michigan’s ranking in the first AP Poll of the season. The Coaches Poll had the Wolverines at No. 9. The AP voters differed from the Coaches by ranking both Wisconsin and Oklahoma State above Michigan. For what it’s worth, I side with the AP voters, and actually would have probably slotted Michigan somewhere between No. 17 and No. 20.


This is the total number of first place votes Penn State received in both the AP and Coaches Polls combined. Perhaps I’m biased, but I was shocked that a defending conference champion that returns a loaded roster didn’t get a single first place both in either poll.


This is the total number of Big Ten teams either ranked in the Top 25 or mentioned in the “Others Receiving Votes” section. That somehow includes Michigan State, a team that won three games a season ago. Three. 3. III. And again, not Iowa.

Power 5 Matchups During Kickoff Weekend

The first weekend of college football should be a pretty good one, as ten games will feature two Power 5 teams squaring off to begin the season.


This is the total number of those games that will feature at least one Big Ten team.


This is the total number of Big Ten teams that will play in those five games. The ACC also has six teams playing in these games. The SEC has five, the Pac-12 has three and the Big 12 has two.


This is the total number of those games that will feature two conference opponents clashing to open the season. That game will be Ohio State at Indiana.


This is the total number of those games that will feature two ranked teams squaring off. Those games are Michigan vs. Florida, West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech and Florida State vs. Alabama. All three games are neutral site contests.

And there you have it. We made it through the summer and the longest offseason in sports. The next time you read this B1G Numbers what-have-ya, I’ll have actual numbers from actual Big Ten games to talk about.

Now back to work, you!