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The only players that actually matter.

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

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Before we get started, let’s remember the best moment from last season.

*Rubs eyes*

Just kidding, it was this one. LOVE YOU RON.

Fun fact: Ron Coluzzi held that kick. ALSO, have you ever noticed how he was like a foot away from hooking it to the right? Man. This game really is one of inches.

Anyways, Coluzzi is graduated, Keith Duncan is back and Miguel Recinos is pushing for playing time at the kicker spot. We have ourselves a good ole fashion battle for playing time at the special teams spots.

Lord, I love special teams.


Tyler Kluver, long snapper, senior.

The only completely known commodity on the Hawkeyes roster of the special teams is long snapper Tyler Kluver. The Marshalltown native has handled all the long snaps since the 2014 season and barring injury, will be a four-year starter at the position.

That’s a helluva thing.

I cannot remember a specific instance where he has messed up, and come to think of it, he has been involved with some absolutely huge kicks over the past couple years. Let’s hope this isn’t his last year playing football.


Keith Duncan, kicker, sophomore

Miguel Recinos, junior

We have two kickers. Wolverine Killer Keith Duncan and This Dude Has A Big Leg Also His Name Is Miguel Recinos. Apparently Recinos has looked mighty impressive in camp and was 9-9 in the Kids Day practice. Duncan was 5-9.

Recinos attempted just three field goals last season and was what Iowa called its “long kick specialist.” Meanwhile, Duncan hit 9-of-11 kicks last season. Come to think of it, the Hawkeyes really didn’t attempt all that many field goals in 2016.

Was some of that due to the uncertainty of the kicking position? Well, if memory serves, Iowa went for it on 4th and 6 (or something close) against Rutgers and that was the start of a whole bunch of times (17, to be exact) where the Hawkeyes went for it on 4th down.

Anyways, a solid kicker is critical in an Iowa offense that sometimes struggles to punch it into the endzone.

Who will win? That’s anyone’s guess, but it seems right now Recinos has the hot hand — err, leg, I guess — but I’d expect to see both attempt some kicks this season.


Colten Rastetter, punter, sophomore

Ryan Gersonde, punter, freshman

Can you say PUNTER COMPETITION!? Oh hell yes, we have a battle for the most prized position at the University of Iowa: starting punter.

With Coluzzi graduated, there’s a void at the punter position. Rastetter was perhaps expected to fill that black hole, but Gersonde has been impressive. Gersonde lived in Australia for a good portion of his life and is what you call an “Aussie Style Punter” so that’s certainly a different wrinkle.

An important note? He’s on scholarship. HMMMMMM.

I’m excited about this one, it should be fun.


Desmond King may have never returned a punt or kick for a touchdown, but he was one of the best returners in Iowa history.

Heck, even Riley McCarron ended up being a great returner too, and we’re out him as well.

So what’s left? Well, as of now, the roster lists...

Matt VandeBerg, senior

Devonte Young, sophomore

VandeBerg was obviously knocked out with injury last season and Young played in 12 games last year without registering a catch. So those will probably be our guys...

Oh. Well. Uh........

Ferentz has never hesitated to put good players on special teams, so this wouldn’t exactly be the most shocking thing. Perhaps it will be a rotating basis. WHO KNOWS.

Anyways, that’s all for now, folks. Get ready for football season.




Rastetter was listed as the holder. So there is, uh, that?

The Wyoming depth chart can’t get here soon enough.