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The circus that is Big Ten media days continues

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten media days just came to a close in Chicago, and as someone who used to cover the event as a reporter, I can tell you very little of consequence hardly ever happens at such a juncture.

Let me start with the bit of news that I believe to be the most consequential to us as Iowa fans: Gary Barta approached Jamie Pollard about buying out Iowa State in the annual Cy-Hawk game. They were not amused.

It’s a necessity to place seven home games on the schedule, and when Iowa State is one of those home games every other year, it gets real difficult to do cool things like play Notre Dame at Soldier Field (why they can’t just do a home-and-home is beyond me) but you get the point.

I’ve pontificated long about how I felt Iowa and Iowa State playing each year is important for the state, but I’m starting to change my mind as I let SoS and Colin Cowherd invade my headspace. Let’s see how this year’s game goes and move on from there. And who knows, maybe ISU won’t even have a football team once it’s time to renegotiate the parameters of the schedule.

In that same vein, the opportunity for Iowa and UNI to play each other on the field once again, with the ban on scheduling FCS opponents effectively over.

Also in that same story is the fact Iowa plans on wearing alternate uniforms this year. Huzzah!

Speaking of Colin Cowherd, one of his biggest detractors, Joel Klatt, was at Big Ten media days. Scott Dochterman caught up with him to address why he felt the need to defend Iowa on Cowherd’s show, and why talking heads feel the urge to gang up on teams that don’t have any sex appeal, per se.

Mas Casa caught up with Klatt, too. Good stuff in both pieces.


Also, even though Nathan Stanley was listed as the No. 1 QB in the most recent depth chart, Ferentz promises there is in fact a QB competition.


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