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Iowa football: where a new ticket package is the biggest news of the offseason

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NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Stanford vs Iowa Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well maybe the subhead is a little misleading. The biggest story of this offseason is almost certainly the addition of James Butler to Iowa’s backfield, but the Iowa athletic department sure would like you to know about its new ticket packages for sporting events.

On top of the “news” dropped Monday afternoon, the athletic department released yesterday information on buying single-game tickets.

Basically, all you need to know is that single-game tickets go on sale July 20 for season ticket holders (July 26 for the general public) and you’re limited to purchasing 10 tickets a game. Why season ticket holders need to buy more tickets, I do not know.

The office also released the starting prices for each home game:

That’s some good value for Wyoming, IMO.

Sticking with football, news broke Monday that Iowa commit Daviyon Nixon can step on campus this spring rather than spend an entire year at Iowa Western.

Nixon appealed his academic status to the NCAA, and apparently he’ll be able to make it to Iowa City providing he keeps his grades up in his first semester at Western.

Scott Dochterman sums up why this is big for Iowa:

That’s big for Nixon and Iowa. Nixon had academic issues early in his high school career, which made him a tough candidate to qualify. If he attended junior college for two years and received an associate degree, Iowa would have to re-recruit him against other schools. That could have been a difficult battle to wage for the Hawkeyes.

By all accounts Nixon was a big get for Iowa, and the sooner he can get on campus the better.

Let the Ahmad Wagner to Iowa football rumors begin!

Former Iowa pitcher Matt Dermody made it No. 1 on Sports Center’s top plays this morning.