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#Swarm18 continues to grow


Iowa’s recent recruiting efforts continue to bear fruit.

Monday afternoon brought on just the most recent recruiting news for its class of 2018, as Wisconsin tight end/offensive lineman Jack Plumb announced his commitment to the Hawkeyes.

Plumb is a consensus three-star recruit, though no one can be certain if he’ll play on the line or at tight end (or elsewhere) at Iowa. Plumb is 6-8, 240 lbs, and hails from Green Bay, WI, making this a rare win over the Badgers in their home state as a recruiting battleground. Plumb’s other offers ranged from Wisconsin and Minnesota to Arizona State and Michigan State, among a slew of power-five schools.

There’s the usual caveats at assessing the talents of a teenager on grainy video, but I think we can all agree Plumb puts his 6-8 frame to use.

Plumb is the ninth commit for Iowa’s class of 2018. His commitment comes a day after the Hawkeyes snagged two four-star recruits for its class of 2019. Following the Tailgater Weekend, don’t be surprised if some more decide to commit to the Hawks.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Plumb, and we look forward to seeing you in an Iowa jersey.